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Jack Hammill - Guest Columnist

Quite honestly I do not remember a first week of any season where my mind has been so crowded with so many bowling or youth related thoughts.

Please permit me to share.

I have had some further contact with the OHSAA and it appears that it will take an extended study on their part with regard to ESports or as at least some would prefer to call it EActivities. I will admit that at some times I am right in the middle on my view.

The more time that I spend talking to students as will as adults well on the periphery of things however it is clear that it is indeed the wave of the future.

Clearly the OHSAA as they study are working hard to see if it is a match to their existing by-laws. Among other things – the opportunity for youth to make money in competition would have to be deeply explored. It seems like it will be awhile.

Rumors are indeed rumors.

The acquisition of the PBA by Bowlero Corporation was such a hot rumor last week that I monitored social media all day one week ago today. It seems like it still may happen but will somebody send me a message when it does. Clearly we all have better things to worry about than this topic.

Leagues got off to a hot start last week and there were two 300 games on Thursday evening within relative moments of each other. Allen Boes rolled the fourth perfect game of his very young career at 20th Century. Poetic license is being taken here however and we are going to say that Michael E Ball II was the first to pull the trick for this season.

It was the first for Michael if the social media world is correct. It sure seems like there have been others. At the least we will give him credit for the first of the season.

You might say that he got the Ball moving, or how about in this case, it’s not the lanes it’s the Ball.

As I sat and enjoyed the fall softball play on Sunday afternoon of my granddaughter Olivia I marveled at how many youth that we have that are involved in multiple high school and middle school sports. It seems like in my day we had the sport of the season and now we have youth and some great parents that are doing all that they can to let youth follow their dreams of playing in multiple sports of the seasons. Thank you parents and color me impressed.

During this past week I walked into 20th Century and saw a gentleman, still young in the eyes of many of us, talking to Jack Tranthem as he bowled in the senior league that day.

That gentleman was Augie Ermi who 50 years ago as a high school senior captured the Lima City Singles. As we spoke he shared that he bowled a couple of summer leagues after that when home from college and then moved to the state of Washington to work for Westinghouse. He has not touched a bowling ball since. We did talk about the good old days of Manhattan Rubber however. (Offered as an aside to Augie – it would roll a lot like a plastic ball and hit harder is what Don Boyed would advise)

The more I thought of my chat with Augie I thought about how frustrated some bowlers get, both adults and youth, when things do not go the way they want things to go on the lanes. I even found my self equating this concept to life. Augie certainly looked and sounded happy as we spoke. There is clearly a listen in there some place. He was once on the precipice of being the next great thing in bowling in our area and found life outside the sport. It’s always good to hear from you Augie.

It was a week of grunts and groans and ultimately smiles. I am sure that this week will be the same. What is cool to know going into this week however is that it will have a phenomenal ending as two individuals deserving of our local honor equals The Lima Bowling Hall of Fame – will be honored.

Onalee Shepler and Jason Moneer will now be enshrined. They are two individuals who have served bowlers as well as have excelled in the game. It will be a great night – see you there or on the lanes.


Jack Hammill

Guest Columnist

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