Lima area girls high school tennis capsules

Bath's Ester Bolon reached state last year in doubles with her sister Ruby.  Richard Parrish | The Lima News

Bath's Ester Bolon reached state last year in doubles with her sister Ruby. Richard Parrish | The Lima News


Division: II

Coach: Sandy Dackin (eighth season)

Returning letter winners: Esther Bolon, sr.; Ruby Bolon, jr.; Fayme Ghandi, sr.; Chloe Rieman, soph.

Other possible varsity performers: Rachel Wilcox, soph.; Elena Oliver, fr.

2018 WBL finish: Fifth overall, 3-6 in league matches, fourth in tournament.

Coach’s analysis: The 2019 outlook is promising for the Wildkittens. A number of players have spent quality time between seasons improving strokes while dedicating more time to the sport. With two returning state qualifiers (Esther and Ruby Bolon) and a couple more returning lettermen, experience and maturity will prove beneficial on each court. As with each approaching season, we look to be more competitive over the previous season. I truly believe these girls are ready to be competitors in each match this season. Good luck to all.


Division: II

Coach: Jan Morrison (17th season)

Returning letter winners: Gracie Gabes, sr.; Kaylin Avers, jr.; Amy Hartings, soph.; Grace Schneider, jr.; Madina Davlatvoyeva, jr.; Kaylyn Saunders, soph.; Audry Albers, soph.; Rebekah Adams, soph.

Other possible varsity performers: Michelle Elston, fr.; Maddy Meeker, jr.; Piper Andrew, soph.; Kaylee Eischen, fr.; Whitney Jones, soph.

2018 WBL finish: Ninth overall, 1-8 in league matches, ninth in tournament.

Coach’s analysis: We are fortunate to have Gracie Gabes back at first singles after a knee injury kept her out last season. Due to her loss and graduation, we were a very young and inexperienced team last year. Although we now return players at every position, we remain a young team with Gracie being our only senior. Last year’s experience will make our underclassmen a competitive team this season. We are also fortunate to have nine new players join us making our future continue to look positive.


Division: II

Coach: Wally Neal (first season)

Returning letter winners: McKenna Shellhouse, soph.

Other possible varsity performers: Makayla Bok, jr.; Ava Long, fr.; Rylie Mick, fr.; Maggie Little, soph.; Emily Bowers, sr.; McKenzie Savil, soph.; Keighley Eicholt, soph.; Beatrice Yumul, soph.

2018 WBL finish: 10th overall, 0-9 in league matches, 10th in tournament.

Coach’s analysis: We only have one returning letter winner this year but a great group of sophomores and freshmen. We will be young and still learning early but by mid season we should be very competitive. The girls are eager to learn and have been really working hard, and I am looking forward to a very successful campaign.


Division: II

Coach: Katie Isenbarger (fourth season)

Returning letter winners: Mykaela Schriber, sr.; Lily Osborn, jr.; Kayce Sherman, sr.; Samantha Lowe, soph.

Other possible varsity performers: Grace Collins, soph.; Abigail Anglemyer, jr.; Aaliyah Rogers, soph.; Angel Chen, soph.; Chelaine Cole, jr.

2018 WBL finish: Tied for sixth overall, 4-5 in league matches, tied for seventh in tournament.

Coach’s analysis: We are excited for the new season with the addition of many new players to our team. We have six returners this year and five new players. Many of these new players will be playing varsity for the first time and many of our returners will as well. We know that with new players comes many learning experiences, but we trust our experienced returners to help them as they continue to learn the sport of tennis. We are looking forward to Mykaela Schriber at first singles who did very well last season and had an overall record of 13-4. We know with her leadership and experience at first singles and as one of our captains she will help lead our team this year and hopefully help contribute to our overall team score. At second singles, Lily Osborn will be coming up from third singles. She has experience with singles and has improved her game over the past year to be able to stay within points and handle more power. Others that will help our team with experience of playing will be our first doubles team of Kayce Sherman and Samantha Lowe. Kayce is also a senior, and we know her experience at doubles will help Sam and our new second doubles team learn doubles tactics. Overall, we look forward to the season and hope to see the girls improve each match.


Division: II

Coach: Don Williams (first season)

Returning letter winners: Addy Schmiedebusch, sr.; Emma Schmiedebusch, jr.

2018 WBL finish: Fourth overall, 6-3 in league matches, fifth in tournament.

Coach’s analysis: With only to returning letter winners, we will be inexperienced. The girls are working hard and will continue to improve as the season progresses.


Division: II

Coach: Nate Higgins (Fourth season)

Returning letter winners: Aria Patel, jr.; Kunmi Ojo, jr.; Alotus Wei, sr.; Katie Clark, sr.

Other possible varsity performers: Alora Patel, fr.; Donna Bowers, jr.; Hannah Paton, sr.; Jenna Sawmiller, jr.

2018 WBL finish: First overall, 9-0 in league matches, first in tournament.

Coach’s analysis: Shawnee will have a strong team yet again this season. With four returning letter winners we have the experience to claim the league title again. We also have some great players that have moved up from JV and have improved greatly. This may be the year we get some state qualifiers as we have returned back to Division II, where more spots are available going from district to state tournament.

St. Marys

Division: II

Coach: Mariah Krugh (third season)

Returning letter winners: Allie Vanderhorst, sr.

Other possible varsity performers: Grace Dodson, jr.; Jaden Gibson, sr.; Charley Spencer, fr.

2018 WBL finish: Tied for second overall, 8-1 in league matches, third in tournament.

Coach’s analysis: This tennis season is going to be a learning season. We have Allie Vanderhorst, a veteran varsity player, along with some talented players with little experience. The first few matches will be telling for our new members in the lineup, but I have faith in their abilities as tennis players. I think our singles players will be strong and competitive. The girls are eager to learn and get better through the season.

Van Wert

Division: II

Coach: Eli Alvarez (second season)

Returning letter winners: Paige Moonshower, sr.; Allie Etter, jr.; Alli Morrow, sr.; Jada Buckner, sr.; Lizzie Rutkowski, jr.

Other possible varsity performers: Kaylee Jennings, sr.; Grace Lott, fr.; Kendall Rauch, sr.

2018 WBL finish: Tied for sixth overall, 4-5 in league matches, tied for seventh in tournament.

Coach’s analysis: This season we return five varsity letter winners, two of which were first-time winners a year ago. We look to improve from four wins a season ago (all four of which were WBL victories) and our sights are set on a top four WBL finish. A key to our success this year will be our veteran leadership. One of those leaders is senior Paige Moonshower, who returns for us after a run to the Division II Bowling Green districts a year ago at first doubles. Along with Paige, Alli Morrow, Kaylee Jennings, Kendall Rauch and Jada Buckner (all seniors) will be instrumental in helping us reach our goals this season. These five seniors have been extremely loyal and dedicated to the program, and we hope to send them out on the right foot. Number wise, we will be fielding 21 girls this season (up from 14 a year ago), seven of which are incoming freshmen. The future looks bright for Van Wert tennis, and we are determined to be contenders in the Western Buckeye League and Northwest Ohio for many years to come.


Division: I

Coach: Toma Hainline (first season)

Returning letter winners: Madison Snider, jr.; Ellie Schroer, jr.; Casey Minnig, jr.; Alyssa Good, jr.; McKinsey Schroeder, soph.; Mara Stiles, soph.

Other possible varsity performers: Abbie Metzger, soph.; Bailey Barrett, fr.

2018 WBL finish: Tied for second overall, 7-2 in league matches, second in tournament.

Coach’s analysis: Six of seven returning but still very young. The girls are working hard and getting better on a daily basis.


Division: II

Coach: Jennifer Allgire (first season)

Returning letter winners: Erin Hotmire, sr.; Olivia Barnes, jr.; Julia Smallcombe, jr.; Pearl Lewandowski, jr.; Libby Frazier, soph.

Other possible varsity performers: Ellie Nickel, soph.; Ellison Pugsley, soph.

Coach’s analysis: Bluffton tennis looks completely different than last year after losing four senior girls who lettered in third singles and first and second doubles. This Bluffton team is young and is led by our only senior, Erin Hotmire (first singles). She is followed by our other returning letter winners, Olivia Barnes (second singles) and Julia Smallcombe (third singles). Our girls worked hard in the offseason and hope to show improvement as the years goes on. This is an amazing group of girls with lots of talent and drive.

Lima Senior

Division: I

Coach: Evan Neuman

Returning letter winners: Nevaeh Sheeter, soph.; Paige Bartels, soph., Tatiana Goston, sr.

Other possible varsity performers: Abby Beck, fr.; Shivana Breaston, soph.; Ashley McGue, jr.; Ariana Allen, fr.

2018 TRAC finish: Eighth overall, 0-7 in conference matches, eighth in tournament.

Coach’s analysis: We may not necessarily have a young team, but many of the girls are first-year tennis players. It may take a few matches to get things going this season, but I have a feeling that once these girls get some match experience and a little momentum anything could be possible. Each day they come to practice eager to learn and improve.

Lima Central Catholic

Division: II

Coach: Kevin Bruin (11th season)

Returning letter winners: Olivia Kesner, sr.; Anna Janowski, sr.; Madie Brinkman, sr.; Morgan Chaney, jr.; Ally Oravitz, jr.; Nicole Particio-Agosto, jr.; Carrie Heider, soph.; Noah Nuesmeyer, soph.

Other possible varsity performers: Paige Brinkman, fr.; McKenna Bader, fr.; Avery Dunlap, fr.

Coach’s analysis: We have a core of outstanding young ladies coming back this year, and we hope to capitalize on that experience and talent.

Bath's Ester Bolon reached state last year in doubles with her sister Ruby. Richard Parrish | The Lima News's Ester Bolon reached state last year in doubles with her sister Ruby. Richard Parrish | The Lima News

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