Bath graduate Dackin will play pro basketball in Denmark

By Jim Naveau -



Bath graduate Maddie Dackin’s college basketball career ended earlier this year but her basketball career didn’t.

After finishing her four years at Ashland University with 1,176 points, Dackin will play professional basketball in Denmark this season.

“Last summer before my senior year my coach had mentioned that she thought it would be a good idea to try it if I could. She encouraged me and I started to look into it. After the season was over it really became a reality.

“I got an agent through my coach helping me and he is the one who set it up in Denmark,” Dackin said. “I really love the game of basketball and to be able to continue that while also getting a chance to see other parts of the world, that was the real draw of it.”

Ashland coach Kari Pickens, in a press release, said, “Last summer, Maddie said that this was a goal she had after she graduated. She put in a ton of work, and put herself in a position to be able to have this opportunity. I’m so excited for her.”

Dackin has signed to play with Lemvig Basket, a professional team in Lemvig, a small Danish city of around 7,000 people around 230 miles from Copenhagen, the largest city in Denmark. The team plays in a 1,400-seat arena.

Dackin has traveled outside the United States on three Fellowship of Christian Athletes mission trips to the Dominican Republic but this is her first trip to Europe.

She will begin her journey to Denmark Aug. 13 for a season that runs from October to March.

“I’m just very excited for this next adventure,” she said.


By Jim Naveau

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