Lima area boys high school tennis capsules

Note: Majority of information came from coaches.

Western Buckeye League


Division: II

Coach: Austin Stahr (first season)

2018 record: 1-13

2018 league record (finish): 0-9 (10th in regular season, tournament and overall)

Returning 2018 varsity letter winners: Jacob Garver (soph., first singles); Derek Inskeep (jr., third singles); Noah Kindig (jr., second singles).

Others on team:

Coach’s analysis: Jemin Gandhi (fr., first doubles); Levi Brown (fr., first doubles)

Coach’s analysis: We are a young team team in both age and experience. We are working on the fundamentals of the game and trying to become better tennis players. The players come in every day ready to work hard and better themselves. We’re taking it one day at a time and figuring things out as we go along. This is a learning experience for the both of us as this is my first year as a head coach. It’s been a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see the growth and development of these players throughout the season.


Division: II

2018 record: 7-2 (tied for third regular season, fourth in tournament)

2018 league record (finish): 7-2 (third in regular season, fourth in tournament, tied for third overall)

No other information provided.


Division: II

Coach: Michael Sarno (third season)

2018 record: 10-7

2018 league record (finish): 4-5 (tied for fifth regular season, fifth in tournament, fifth overall)

Returning 2018 varsity letter winners: Tyler Christoff (jr., first singles); Dylan Buetner (jr., second singles); Riley Fricke (jr., third singles); Jacob Ramirez (jr., first doubles); Riley Creps (jr., first doubles)

Others on varsity squad: Wyatt Wuest (jr., second doubles); Eric Butler (soph., second doubles)

Coach’s analysis: We are excited about this year. We have a lot of returning players that have a lot of varsity experience. We have had a lot of guys work hard this offseason to improve their games. We are excited about the challenge this year in the WBL and hope we can keep improving everyday to try and get Elida back to the top.


Division: II

Coach: Rick Collins (second season)

2018 record: 2-15

2018 league record (finish): 1-8 (ninth in regular season, tournament and overall)

Returning 2018 varsity letter winners: Landon Rush (jr., first singles); Taj Chahal (sr., second singles); Hayden Robinson (jr., third singles); Riley Messenger (soph., second doubles); Brice Heckathorn (jr., second doubles).

Others on varsity squad: Rocco Longbrake (sr., first doubles); Ian Lyons (sr., first doubles); Cameron Zickafoose (second doubles)

Coach’s analysis: We lost five seniors to graduation and are returning some varsity experience with Landon, Hayden, Taj, Brice and Riley. My starting singles and doubles players are very athletic and improving daily. Landon took last year off but has worked very hard in the offseason along with Hayden and Taj. Cameron is returning for a second season and worked on his game all summer and over the winter. Rocco and Ian are out for the first year but have earned their place at first doubles after winter training and spring practices. We hope to surprise some teams and have a winning season in the WBL.


Division: II

Coach: Jay Laubenthal (seventh season)

2018 record: 12-2

2018 league record (finish): 8-1 (second in regular season, first in tournament, tied for first overall)

Returning 2018 varsity letter winners: Drew Kuhlman (sr.); Carter Welch (soph.); Colin Welch (soph.).

Promising newcomers: Nolan Unterbrink (sr.); Josh Douglas (jr.); Andrew Kaufman (jr.); Kamron Maag (jr.); Sam Schmenk (jr.); Parker Schomaeker (jr.); Mitch Schroeder (jr.); Isaac Warnecke (jr.); Noah Foppe (soph.); Hayden Kuhlman (soph.); Jaden Lehman (soph.); Bryant Schroeder (soph.); Alex Gustwiller (fr.); Sam Recker (fr.); Eli Schmenk (fr.); Nate Schroeder (fr.); Sam Schroeder (fr.); Joshua Walls (fr.); Ethan Weis (fr.).

Coach’s analysis: This year we have three returning varsity letter winners that have a lot of varsity experience and all three of them played a big role in the 2018 season. We will look to these three guys to set the tone early for the season. The spots that we will need to fill will be coming from some guys that just missed out on varsity spots a season ago. This preseason our kids have been competitive and eager to get the season started. One weakness for our team this year especially is to figure out where our varsity players are going to play between singles or doubles. We have a couple guys that are singles type players that may be forced to play doubles.


Division: II

Coach: Aaron Patterson (first season)

2018 league record (finish): 9-0 (first in regular season, second in tournament, tied for first overall)

Returning 2018 varsity letter winners: Carter E. Schaaf

Others on varsity roster: Christopher Paysen (soph.); Gabriel Rutter (fr.); Hannes Scutt (sr.); Tate Stewart (jr.); Garrett DeMoss (sr.); Brayden Ward (soph.).

Coach’s analysis: Indians have big shoes to fill with departure of top three singles due to graduation. They have very little varsity experience in their lineup and will need to stay mentally tough during the season. They look to compete in the top half of the the league and league tournament.

St. Marys

Division: II

Coach: Andrew Wilker (first season)

2018 league record (finish): 6-3 (fourth in regular season, third in tournament, tied for third overall)

Returning 2018 varsity letter winners: Howie Spencer (sr.), Andrew Vogel (jr.), Mason King (jr.), David Keller (sr.), Evan Tennant, Caleb Helmlinger, Justin Grannan (jr.), Nathan Kuffner (sr.), Gavin Engel, and Mat Kawalec (sr.)

Other team members include: Joey Vanderhorst (fr.)

Coach’s analysis: The entire team has made great strides in both techniques and tactics. There will be healthy competition between players vying for positions. We have great depth and the ability to fill any holes as the season progresses. We have many returning and experienced players who lead the team and are eager to play. We are very exited and cautiously anticipating a successful year. Our goal this year to expand on last year’s individual and team accomplishments by competing in districts and sectionals. Our expectation and hope is that we will be among the top in the WBL standings.

Van Wert

Division: II

Coach: Alex Schmidt (fourth season)

2018 record: 4-7

2018 league record (finish): 4-5 (tied for fifth in regular season, sixth in tournament, sixth overall)

Returning 2018 varsity letter winners: Kannen Wannemacher (sr., first singles); Zane Fast (jr., second singles); Michael Hellman (sr., third singles); Kaden Thomas (soph., first doubles); Nathan Ruger (jr., first doubles); Nick Carter (jr., second doubles)

Others on varsity squad: Jace Fast (fr., second doubles)

Coach’s analysis: We graduated two varsity players from last year. We are returning a lot of experience. We hope to compete for the top spots in the WBL.


Division: I

Coach: Elise Minick (third season)

2018 record: 7-10

2018 league record (finish): 4-5 (tied for fifth regular season, eighth in tournament, seventh overall)

Returning 2018 varsity letter winners: Jeffrey Adkins (sr., first singles); Curtis Hughes (sr., second singles); John Doll (sr., third singles); Austin Hancock (sr., first doubles); Noah Kirby (sr., first doubles)

Others on varsity squad: Jesse Mackenzie (jr., second doubles); Logan Shirk (sr., second doubles); Tristan Gesler (sr., second doubles); Alvaro Guerrero (soph., second doubles).

Coach’s analysis: We bring a lot of experience back this year with five of our current varsity having two or more years of experience playing at the varsity level. We have put in a great deal of practice time in during the offseason, which has helped us to close the gaps in some of the areas that we were weaker in. The team is determined to improve upon our previous record and ranking within the WBL. We are looking forward to a successful, fun, and winning season.



Division: II

Coach: Cody Hurley

No other information provided


Division: II

Coach: Mike Hilty

Returning 2018 varsity letter winners: Jordan Siefer (sr.), Mack Burner (jr.), Neil Metzger (jr.), Eden Nygaard (soph.), Grant Klingler (soph.), Connor Lee (soph.)

Others on varsity include: Drew Wilson (jr.), Tre Bender (soph.), Bryan Zimmerman (fr.), Luke Shadle (fr.), Mack Burner (jr.), Trey Boblett (fr.), Kenny Lovett

Coach’s analysis: A lot of promising newcomers.

Lima Central Catholic

Division: II

Coach: Kevin Bruin (14th season)

2018 record: 6-9

Returning 2018 varsity letter winners: Michael Seffernick (jr., singles and doubles); Jake Evans (jr., singles and doubles); Colin Guagenti (jr., singles and doubles); Brandon Goldsberry (jr., singles and doubles); Aaron Simmons (soph., singles); Brady Koenig (soph., singles and doubles); Hayden Bader (soph., doubles); Zach Burris (soph., singles and doubles)

Others on varsity squad: Rhikus Bruce (soph., doubles); Drew Hubbard (fr. singles and doubles)

Coach’s analysis: We have a young, inexperienced team this year. We will be getting better every day.

Lima Senior

Division: I

Coach: Evan Neuman (first season)

2018 league record (finish): Eighth in dual meets, tournament and overall.

Returning 2018 varsity letter winners: Christopher Bishop (sr., first doubles); Connor Brayton (sr., first doubles); Philip Karikian (sr., first singles); Noah Phillips (soph., second doubles); Michael Bishop (soph., second doubles); Jeremiah Dew (jr., second singles)

Others likely to make varsity squad: Ryan Unterdorf (soph., third singles); Ethan Jordan (jr., third singles)

Coach’s analysis: Since the beginning of March, I have seen them make strides of improvement. Despite coming up short, they have had a lot of close matches that could’ve swing either way. The boys are hungry to win though. And as long as they continue to work hard, put in the effort at practice and matches, I have no doubt that a victory will be in their near future.

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