Happy New Year one and all

Jack Hammill - Guest Columnist

And a touch of Auld Lang Syne if I may add.

It is at this time of the year that we generally gather with friends and or family and even in some cases total strangers to reflect upon the happenings of the past year.

This posting will have a great deal of that in it but as we toast with our pint as the lyrics suggest there may be some elements of change recommended as well for the upcoming seasons of bowling and life.

We are in the midst of another great bowling season so it actually seems strange to simply reflect when it is not yet completed although we will give it a shot.

The season actually began with the Lima City Singles with a Bethany (now) Slaughter, the star of radio commercials throughout our area and Chandler (now a daddy) repeating their championship performances from the year before. The age old tradition of drinking a pint of an adult beverage from the crystal pin awarded the champion once again will have to wait another year.

Perhaps that will occur in another couple of weeks as this year version of the Lima City Singles is well underway. Onalee Lehman and Phil Austin currently lead the field which certainly increases the odds that the auld lang pint may be on the way.

City Singles play begins for the men this Saturday evening and for the ladies Sunday at noon. The winners will be crown and the toasting will take place one week from this Sunday around 4:30 p.m. on that day. I would never think that Chandler or Bethany will not three-peat but I simply feel something is in the wind for an individual who wants to win this one very badly. Get thee a pint of the Black Label ready.

This past year was not as much about pint drinking adults as it was about career wise pint size bowlers.

A little over a month after the youth season ended the Hosterman girls took over the collegiate and high school scene at least long enough for their 15 minutes of bowling fame. Britni grabbed a couple of bowler of the year or tournament mentions … yes she is that special and Carli grabbed a brass ring for the deadly duo as well … a 300 game in District 1 OHSAA play.

Brittni had the chance to continue her great run and great career rolling for the Falcons of Bowling Green. Sadly Carli ended her interscholastic career, at least for now, with the big game. Wapak was the number two team in the district on that day and sadly our Northwest District still can only send one team on to the state finals.

The D1 winner for the young ladies on that day in singles play was Morgan Twining of Lima Senior High, the owner of one of the sweetest bowling strokes in our area for both the pint size youth and the pint drinking adults. She would have what many youth would call a great day at state … but an average

day for her. She is a senior this season and could make yet another run this season.

While Morgan was rolling at Pt Clinton her cousin Bryana was shaking things up at Wayne Webb Bowl in Columbus in D2 play. Bry would bring home the honors for Bath and the mighty Twining family.

Pints of chocolate milk flowed throughout the run of the Celina varsity boys from sectional through state play and they brought home the gold for Mercer County, God and country.

They also were the champions of the WBL as they departed the WOHSBC.

Dayle Aldrich, Allie Meeker and Abbey Ambroza led Shawnee to a great season as well falling short of state play. Aldrich on the other hand was bowler of the year in both the WOHSBC and the brand new WBL. They are undefeated thus far this season, with Meeker now away at college and making her mark in adult leagues.

One of the great stories of the past season was / is Lima Central Catholic seemingly doing it on Riepenhoff power. Four members of that family were involved in last seasons play and Maddie Knotts has entered the fray this season with the departure of her cousin Cecilia for Xavier. This years T-Birds lost an early season match with Wapak but have not lost since and seem focused on making a bigger run this season. If only the sectional and district action do not conflict with T-Bird Basketball.

Should auld acquaintance be forgot …

Years never pass that we do not lose a connection with folks that we love! Sometimes it is by natural causes and at other times because we just agree to disagree from a distance.

Thursday evening, January 3rd at Community Lanes, the Lambeau field of high school bowling, LCC and Minster will be rolling against each other right around 6pm. It is my hope to be on hand … a pint of water or coffee may be consumed as this is high school play.

Sadly memories will not be avoidable with respect to the many years that LCC and Temple Christian visited this great house as a member of the WOHSBC. That relationship came to an end suddenly about three - five months ago as the teams from the south wanted to stay local. It is interesting and character showing that LCC is making the trip.

Will there be another? One story out there that has gained a considerable foothold among solid sources is that Community Lanes will be closing … I have even been a small part of pushing that story forward. I did speak with a board member who has shared that such is not the case. Let me tip this pint in the hopes that all will be well and Community Lanes will carry on.

Be blessed and a blessing to others!!!


Jack Hammill

Guest Columnist

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