Lima area high school softball capsules

Information provided by coaches. Teams not included have not yet returned information forms.


Division IV

2017 Record: 13-11 (2-6 NWC, eighth)

2017 Postseason Finish: Reached district semifinals

Head Coach: Troy Erickson (third season)

Returning Letterwinners: Olivia Alexander, sr., shortstop; Maddie Gossard, sr., 3B/pitcher; Sydney Newland, sr., catcher; Kaiti Newland, sr., outfield/pitcher; Teara Coulson sr., outfield; Nicki Lehsten sr., outfield/1B; Sidney Gossard, so., 1B/2B; Raina England, jr., 2B/outfield; Alexis Ennis, jr., outfield.

Promising Newcomers: Leona Dalton, fr., pitcher/infield; Aubrey Madison, fr., infield; Alexis Waugh, fr., catcher/infield; Tori Green, fr., infield/catcher; Brenna George, fr., infield; Kiersten Cortez, fr., infield.

Coach’s Outlook: As I look forward to the season, I’m very confident in the abilities and potential of this roster. Our greatest asset is experience. Most letterwinners are entering their thirrd or fourth year in the lineup. We’re going to rely heavily on that leadership and experience to take our game to the next level. Some new faces to the program will add depth to the roster as well as create internal competition for a limited number of playing spots.

Allen East

Division III

2017 record: 19-4 (8-0 NWC, first)

2017 Postseason Finish: Reached district semifinals

Head Coach: Paul Patton (first season)

Returning Letterwinners: Chole Lawrence, sr.; Riley Newland, sr.; Madison Richards, sr.; Olivia Lawrence, jr.; Lakin Bashman, jr.; Summer McCloskey, jr.; Gracie Young, jr.; Sydney Miller, jr.

Promising Newcomers: Alex Briley, jr.; Alivia Craig, fr.; Kristin Whitney, fr.

Coach’s Outlook: Very bright. Lost two players from conference champion. Very talented freshman class coming in.


Division II

2017 record: 14-10 (6-3 WBL, tied for third)

2017 Postseason Finish: Reached sectional finals

Head Coach: Hannah Slavin (fifth season)

Returning Letterwinners: Annika Heminger, sr., catcher; Tara Cooper, sr., outfield; Kali Armstrong, jr., shortstop/pitcher/3B; Tori Dackin, jr., 2B; Riley Iiames, jr., outfield; Kennedi Sullivan, jr., 3B.

Promising Newcomers: Morgan Mosley, so., pitcher; Chandler Clark, fr., shortstop/pitcher/outfield.

Coach’s Outlook: With six returning starters, I looks for our team to have great leadership and game awareness. On the mound, we will be young and inexperienced but very competitive offensively and my hopes are to be quick and aggressive on the bases. We should have great opportunity to hit for power and implement strategic small ball.


Division III

2017 Record: 12-8 (3-5 NWC, tied for fifth)

2017 Postseason Finish: Lost opener (sectional final)

Head Coach: Tony Rumer (sixth season)

Returning Letterwinners: Aimee Ritter, sr., pitcher/1B; Mara Minnig, jr., outfield; Brinkley Garmatter, so., infield/outfield; Katie Prater, jr., catcher; Averey Rumer, jr., infield; Libby Schaadt, so., pitcher/infield/outfield.

Coach’s Outlook: With only one senior on the roster, we will be counting on many younger girls to mature quickly on the diamond. With the nucleus of other players if this happens, we will be very competitive.


Division II

2017 record: 8-15 (2-6 WBL, tied for seventh)

2017 Postseason Finish: Reached sectional finals

Head Coach: Nicole Driggs (12th year)

Returning Letterwinners: Kristin Dickerson, sr., 3B; Bailey Laux, sr., 2B; Brooke Steinbrunner, sr., outfield; Emily Keith, jr., pitcher/utility; Maddie Kuehne jr., pitcher/utility; Maddy Luebke, jr., shortstop/pitcher; Advijah Sargent, jr., outfield; Sidney Wilker, sr., outfield.

Promising Newcomers: Taylor Turner, so., catcher/infield; Gracie Chilcoat, fr., 1B/utility; Sydney Lehman, fr., outfield/utility.

Coach’s Outlook: We expect tight, competitive games this season as a whole in the WBL. It is a difficult year to project which team will finish on top due to top performers graduating and the competitive nature of our league as a whole. As for Celina, we had a younger squad last season that turned the corner late in the year. In the end, we were pleased with the way the team came together and we hope to get out of the gate faster with more experience, set goals and desired expectations.


Division III

2017 record: 18-9 (4-3 MAC, tied for second)

2017 Postseason Finish: Reached regional semifinals

Head Coach: Katie Berno (third season)

Returning Letterwinners: Olivia Harlamert, sr., outfield; Maddie Steinke, jr., pitcher; Rachel Klosterman, jr., catcher; Grace Bruns, jr., 1B/2B; Audrey Ziegler, so., 2B/outfield; Kelsey Kahlig, so., 3B.

Promising Newcomers: Madissen Geeslin, fr., infield; Alaina Stienke, so., outfield; Leanne Klenke, jr., outfield/pitcher.

Coach’s Outlook: This team is very athletic. Many of our players can play multiple positions on the field. We are working hard to determine what is the best position for each player to make this team as successful as possible. We have a great group of returners this year. I look for this team to be very fundamentally sound and look to have some big offensive bats with lots of speed. As a team we expect to win.

Columbus Grove

Division IV

2017 Record: 18-3 (6-0 PCL, first/7-1 NWC, second)

2017 Postseason Finish: Reached district finals

Head Coach: Travis Gallmeier (fifth season)

Returning Letterwinners: Teyah Sautter, sr., pitcher; Lauren Birkemeier, sr., shortstop; Kali Wilcox, sr., 3B; Tori Warnecke, sr., outfield; Madison Nusbaum, sr., 2B; Danielle Bame, jr., catcher; Joy Stechschulte, jr., outfield; Emily Watt so., pitcher/outfield/infield.

Promising Newcomers: Kennedy Osting, sr.; Jenna Hardeman, jr.; Libby Stringfield, jr.; Olivia DeLaRosa, jr.; Angel Schnieder, so.; Ivy Parker, so.; Autumn Renner so.; Vanessa Gander, so.; Cheyenne Merschum, fr.; Kiara Daniels, so.; Kennedy Smith, fr.; Grace Selhorst, fr.; Haylie Basinger, fr.; Lyric Dickey, fr.

Coach’s Outlook: We return seven starters from a team that finished 18-3 and made the District Finals last year. We have a strong group of girls who will continue to improve. We look to be competitive in both the PCL and NWC once again, and hope to continue our success in the tournament at the end of the season. Our strength this year will be our pitching and defense.


Division IV

2017 record: 8-12 (4-2 PCL, tied for second)

2017 Postseason Finish: Reached district semifinals

Head Coach: Jordan Stretcher (12th year)

Returning Letterwinners: Amber Logan, sr., pitcher; Riley Fenter, jr., 2B; Jessica Stauffer, jr., shortstop; Kennedy Hiltner, so., catcher; Mackenzie Rayle, so., infield/outfield; Addyson Armey, so., infield; Madi Sharp, jr., utility.

Promising Newcomers: Maddie Burke, fr., infield; Kerri Prowant, so., infield/outfield; Kiya Wiggins, so., outfield; Madelyn Potts, fr., infield/center; Angel Brzozowski, jr., outfield; Catelyn Etter, fr., 1B/outfield; Natalie Spieger, so., catcher/infield; Macy Collier, jr., infield/outfield, Tygre Troyer, fr., pitcher/infield.

Coach’s Outlook: We will have a good blend of young and old. We will be playing inexperienced girls at key positions. However, we feel we will be very competitive this season.


Division IV

2017 record: 14-12 (5-3 NWC, tied for third)

2017 Postseason Finish: Reached regional semifinals.

Head Coach: Carl W. Etzler (fifth season)

Returning Letterwinners: Alyssa Gent, sr. 2B; Victoria Lichtensteiger, sr., pitcher; Codi Miller, jr., outfield; Avery McCoy, jr., pitcher/1B; Caityn O’Hagen, jr., 2B/3B; Lexi Gregory, so., shortstop; Hannah Binion, so., catcher.

Promising Newcomers: Ashley Call, jr., 3B/catcher; Olivia Skelton, jr.,outfield; Haley Speitch, jr., outfield; Emma Bowen, jr., pitcher/1B; Kali Small, fr., pitcher, 3B.

Coach’s Outlook: We will be inexperienced in our pitching, but have various girls who are working hard to become better. We will have a balanced semi-experienced hitting lineup. We should have solid hitters in the middle of the lineup to drive in runs if the top of the order can set the table. We must stay free of injuries. Limit both the physical and mental mistakes. We must play hard on the defensive end due to lack of experience in key positions. We must not beat ourselves and keep mistakes to a minimum. We will need strong team leadership from our veterans and our pitching will need to rise to the occasion and challenge opposing hitters. We must “dictate the plate,” put the ball in play and force the opponents into mistakes using our team speed and athleticism.

Delphos Jefferson

Division III

2017 Record: 3-20 (0-8 NWC, ninth)

2017 Postseason Finish: Lost opener (sectional semifinals)

Head Coach: Michelle Schuerman

Returning Letterwinners: Michelle Rode, jr., shortstop/1B; Kylie Gossett, jr., 2B; Jayla Rostorfer, jr., outfield, 2B; Skye Stevenson, so., outfield; Audrey North, so., shortstop/pitcher; Ally Hsting, jr., catcher/shortstop; Sierra Marlow, sr., outfield.

Promising Newcomers: Noel Warnement, fr., 1B/shortstop; Anna Fitch, fr., catcher/3B/outfield; Rileigh Rahrig, fr., outfield/2B; Kate Stevenson, jr., outfield/3B.

Coach’s Outlook: They are a tight-knit team. They all want to succeed this season just as much as the coaches do, and I love it. These girls have been putting 110 percent into everything that they have been doing. Wjrther it be girls stepping up to take on the pitching position, working to improve their batting or being more flexible when it comes to positions. We have girls that can play more than one position, which for only having 15 girls, we have at least two backups for each position. Our goal is to win one more game then last year if not a lot more. We all talked about setting an individual goal and a team goal. Almost everyone of the girls said they wanted to have confidence, play their hardest and succeed as a team this year. As coaches, there isn’t much more you can ask for.


Division II

2017 Record: 7-16 (1-8 WBL, tied for ninth)

2017 Postseason Finish: Lost opener (sectional semifinals)

Head Coach: Hillary Crawford (second season)

Returning Letterwinners: Addie Miller, so., catcher; Kori Baker, so., pitcher.

Promising Newcomers: Abby Smith, jr., 2B; Janay Sherard, sr., outfield; Haley Sheffield, jr., outfield; Autumn Martin, jr., outfield.

Coach’s Outlook: We have a very young team this year, but we have been working hard and having fun in the preseason. We should be competitive in the WBL and improve with each game.

Fort Recovery

Division IV

2017 record: 3-18 (1-6 MAC, eighth)

Head Coach: EJ Stephen (first season)

2017 Postseason Finish: Lost opener (sectional semifinals)

Returning Letterwinners: Taylor Thien, sr., outfield; Taylor Grisez, sr., outfield; Hannah Knapke, jr., shortstop; Aleigha Jenkins, jr., catcher; Rachel Thien, soph., 3B; Olivia Homan, soph., pitcher; Bailee Tebbe, soph., infield/outfield; Macy Day, soph., infield/outfield.

Promising Newcomers: Trisha Gaerke, fr., outfield; Brenna Homa, fresh., catcher; Alli Vaughn, fr., 1B/outfield.

Coach’s Outlook: The determination to be better is what will drive this team this year. We have four returning upperclassmen, two seniors and two juniors, who are all willing to put the team on their shoulders and lead. The sophomore class is full of great athletes with the willingness to learn and be their best for the team. Our freshman class brings a lot of potential to the team with speed, knowledge and great attitudes. Staying injury free and having solid defense will be the key to our season.

Hardin Northern

Division IV

2017 Record: 16-9 (9-1 NWCC, tied for first)

2017 Postseason Finish: Reached district semifinals

Head Coach: Jessica Mast (third season)

Returning Letterwinners: Ashton Dye, jr, outfield; Cassidy Deckling, sr., outfield; Emily Jones, sr., outfield; Shelby Alloway, sr., pitcher/shortstop/outfield; Madison Robson, sr., catcher; Zoey Curtis, jr., 3B; Quinn Stewart-Evans, so., pitcher/infield/outfield; Zoe Schlatter, sr., outfield; Haylei Pees, sr., infield.

Promising Newcomers: Haylie Spearman, fr., pitcher/infield; Maddie Grappy, fr., outfield; Rylie Bame, jr., infield/outfield.

Coach’s Outlook: We have a strong group of individual athletes that have really shown a lot in early practices. We can be very competitive if we can come together as a group and play as a team. With nine returning players, five that started on a regular basis for us, we have high hopes. Our infield is returning Shelby Alloway and Quinn Stewart-Evans on the mound, Zoey Curtis at third base, and Madison Robson behind the plate and senior leader Cassidy Deckling in center field. With this experience we are expecting these starters to step up and lead the way. We also return seniors Haylei Pees, Zoey Schlatter, and Emily Jones and sophomore Alex Jackson that will all see a considerable amount of playing time. We are adding junior Rylie Bame and freshmen Haylie Spearman, Maddie Grappy, and Cierra Simon. All in all, we have good key players this year to be successful; it will be a matter of how our girls come together and pick each other up this season.


Division IV

2017 Record: 4-18 (1-5 PCL, tied for fifth)

2017 Postseason Finish: Lost opener (sectional semifinals)

Head Coach: Randy Buss (first season)

Returning Letterwinners: Jaylen Vandemark, sr., pitcher/infielder; Hannah Warn, sr., outfielder/shortstop; Taylor Zeller, sr., infielder/pitcher; Makenna Hoyt, jr., infield/catcher; Hannah Smith, jr., infield/outfield; Delaney Vorst, so., outfield.

Promising Newcomers: Kiona Gray, sr., catcher/infield; Ella Kaufman, so., outfield; Emily Buss, fr., pitcher/shortstop/1B; Katelyn Kahle, fr., infield; Mya Schmitz, fr., outfield.

Coach’s Outlook: This year’s Ladycats are looking to have a winning season and compete at the top of the PCL. Our seniors are a hardworking and very talented class who will need to be leaders on and off the field. Our juniors and sophomores will need to continue to improve their skills and perform at a high level to help eliminate weak spots in our lineup. Our talented incoming freshman class will need to quickly learn the speed and competitiveness of the high school level so they can also become successful contributors.


Division II

2017 record: 15-7 (6-3 WBL, tied for third)

2017 Postseason Finish: Reached sectional finals

Head Coach: Bill Lawrence (11th season)

Returning Letterwinners: Jenna Clum, sr., 3B; Molly Pees, sr., shortstop/outfield; Sydney Bopp, sr., outfield; Tawnie, sr., outfield; Alivia Purtee, jr., pitcher/shortstop; Chesney Moore, so., outfield.

Promising Newcomers: Faith Purtee, jr., catcher; Jazmine Resigner, fr., 1B; Lacie Nichols, fr., 2B; Brooklyn Bays, fr., utility.

Coach’s Outlook: To continue to build on our WBL success over the past two years. We must continue to build depth and build a solid defense. We play in a very tough league, and we have to be ready to work every day.


Division IV

2017 record: 11-13 (4-2 PCL, tied for second; 4-7 BVC, ninth)

2017 Postseason Finish: Reached sectional finals

Head Coach: Adam Cupp (second year)

Returning Letterwinners: Kierra Meyer, sr., shortstop; Kacey Dulle, jr., outfield/infield/DH; Bailee Sickmiller, jr., pitcher/1B/outfield; Stevie Brooks, sr., outfield; Kelly Scheckelhoff, sr., outfield; Heather Lammers, sr., catcher; Morgan Niese, sr., 2B; Jala Hezelton, jr., 3B; Summer Steinglass, jr., pitcher/outfield.

Promising Newcomers: McKenna Nunez, fr., 1B/outfield; Maddie Walther, fr., catcher/outfield/infield; Hannah Mortimar, jr., catcher/outfield; Liz Scheckelhoff, fr., 1B/outfield; Caitlen Flick, fr., infield; Aliyah Pardo, fr., outfield/infield.

Coach’s Outlook: We are excited to have nine seniors returning this year. We hope to cap their high school softball careers off with a winning season and a nice showing in the tournament.

Lima Senior

Division I

2017 record: 1-20 (0-14 TRAC, eighth)

2017 Postseason Finish: Lost opener (sectional final)

Head Coach: Rob Nelson (first season)

Returning Starters: Morgan Twining, jr., catcher; Riley Davenport, jr., ss/pitcher; Kiara Buchanan, sr., pitcher/3b; Emma Patterson, sr., pitcher/1B; Jenna Wentling, jr., utility.

Promising Newcomers: Lexi Williams, so., outfield/1B; Ara Rexford, so., outfield; Lauren Zell, so., 2b/outfield; Cheyenne Bean, catcher/3B.

Coaches’ Outlook: A new era has begun in the Three River Athletic Conference’s most southern softball school. The Spartans have intelligent, hardworking and gritty students who believe in one another “(We believe in we.)” and work each day to get a little better in each thing they do. We are the new Spartans.


2017 Record: 8-13 (3-5 NWC, tied for fifth)

Head Coach: Brad Doidge (15th season after two-year absence)

2017 Postseason Finish: Lost opener (sectional finals)

Returning Letterwinners: Alena Looser, sr., catcher; Sidney Jenkins, sr., infield/outfield; Marissa Miller, sr., infield/outfield; Lakin Brant, jr., infield; Morgan Miller, jr., infield/pitcher; Amy Beair, jr., pitcher/infield; Carly Wendel, jr., outfield/infield; Lana Carey, so., infield/outfield.

Promising Newcomers: Maddie Jenkins, jr., infield/outfield/pitcher.

Coach’s Outlook: With talent returning, the Lancers will try to turn the corner in the Northwest Conference race and really make a solid tournament run. Pitching and timely hitting are key factors in winning. Allen East, Columbus Grove, Crestview, and Ada are the main contenders for the title and the Lancers are looking to add their name to the list. The rest of the conference is always a threat and a solid test.

Miller City

Division IV

2017 Record: 9-9 (4-2 PCL, tied for second)

2017 Postseason Finish: Lost opener (sectional semifinals)

Head Coach: Katie Muhlenkamp (three years)

Returning Letterwinners: Abigail Schroeder, sr., outfield; Makenna Lehman, sr., infield; Megan Niese, sr., outfield; Allison Ruhe, sr., infield; Abby Niese, jr., catcher; Kylie Berner, jr., pitcher/1B.

Promising Newcomers: Adrienne Kuhlman, Natalie Koenig, Maddie Otto.

Coach’s Outlook: If the freshmen can learn quickly and the seniors perform as well as they have in years past, this team could surprise a few people. They are a very coachable team, willing to learn and put in the work to make themselves better.


Division IV

2017 record: 18-11 (4-3 MAC, tied for second)

2017 Postseason Finish: Reached district finals

Head Coach: Robb Hemmelgarn (second season)

Returning Letterwinners: Emma Schmiesing, sr., catcher; Jordan Berelsman, sr., outfield/pitcher; Jenna Poeppelman, jr., pitcher; Karly Richard, jr., 2B; Taylor Homan, jr., shortstop; Lindsey Albers, jr., 3B; Danielle Barhorst, jr., outfield; Laney Hemmelgarn, so., 1B; Mara Schmiesing, so., outfield/utility; Jenna Nixon, sr., 1B.

Promising Newcomers: Paige Phillips, sr., 2B; Emma Snyder, jr., outfield; Royce Glass, so., infield; Emily Stubbs, so., catcher.outfield/utility; Kaitlyn Wolf, so., catcher/outfield/utility.

Coach’s Outlook: We are fortunate to return all nine position players from last year as well as our DP. The girls have been working very hard in the off-season. The MAC, as in every sport, looks to be very balanced and competitive-Parkway will return a a lot from last season, including the league’s Player of the Year, Haley Hawk, and until someone secures the title from them, they will always be in the mix of favorites. Versailles and Coldwater will be very strong this year as well and although New Bremen lost Sophia Fox to graduation, their girls know what it takes to win. St. Henry has some young talent coming up as does Fort Recovery as if they continue to develop as they did over the course of the season, they will be challengers as well. We have strong senior leadership this year and with a host of experienced underclassmen, we hope their progress through last season and from the off-season carries over through our regular season. Keeping everyone healthy and playing as a team will play major roles in our success this season.

New Bremen

Division IV

2017 Record: 15-6 (4-3 MAC, tied for second)

2017 Postseason Finish: Reached district semifinals

Head Coach: Craig Griesdorn (20th season)

Returning Letterwinners: Abbie Thieman, jr., outfield; Hanna Tenkman, jr., outfield; Nichole Wente, sr., outfield; Marissa Top, jr., catcher, infield; Caity Bergman, sr., 2B/pitcher; Molly Smith, jr., pitcher/3B/outfield; Kelly Naylor, jr., shortstop.

Promising Newcomers: Kira Bertke, so., 2B/3B; Erin Smith, jr., pitcher/3B; Lauren Cordonnier, jr., 1B; Hannah Ritter, jr., 1B; Megan Powers, jr., outfield.

Coach’s Outlook: We have a good core of returning players that will have to assume leadership roles as well. We are hoping the new players come along and will be able to replace some of the players we lost off last year’s team. We will need to play solid defense and be able to execute on the offensive side of the ball. We will continue to work hard and compete every day in practice and hopefully it will carry over to the games.


Division III

2017 Record: 6-14 (1-8 WBL, tied for ninth)

2017 Postseason Finish: Lost opener (sectional semifinals)

Head Coach: Keith Fischer (fourth season)

Returning Letterwinners: Katelyn Yoder, jr., 1B/pitcher; Sam Okuly, jr., shortstop/3B; Claire Schroeder, sr., 2B/outfield; Jayla Balbaugh, jr., outfield; Emma Ellerbrock, jr., catcher/outfield; Masie Utrup, jr., pitcher/infield. Taylor Kuhlman, jr., 3B/outfield; Emily Miller, jr., outfield; Anika Schreiber, jr., 1B/outfield.

Promising Newcomers: Haley Karhoff, so., 2B/shortstop; Madelyne Shuey, fr., outfield/3B/pitcher/catcher; Savannah Caraballo, fr., 3B/outfield.

Coach’s Outlook: Titan softball has a young team for the 2018 season with only one senior. All eight juniors saw time on the field last season but will need to play new positions. Even though there are a lot of questions on the team concerning positions, there is a lot of talent and players/coaches are excited to get started. Players are working hard and have a lot of energy.


Division IV

2017 record: 1-17 (1-5 PCL, tied for fifth)

2017 Postseason Finish: Lost opener (sectional semifinals)

Head Coach: Joe Modica (18th season)

Returning Letterwinners: Olivia Gamble, jr., outfield/pitcher; Hunter Boecker, jr., outfield; Ashley Landin, so., outfield.

Promising Newcomers: Paige Hoesrten, fr., catcher/pitcher; Alli Honingford, fr., pitcher/infield; Kylee Klenz, fr., infield/outfield; Brook Kortakrax, fr., infield/catcher/pitcher; Payton Wannamacher, fr., infield; Riley Wannamacher, fr., infield/outfield.

Coach’s Outlook: We have a very young team. We are working hard with all the girls. Teaching them things they will need to know. We will start out slow hoping to improve through the season.


Division IV

2017 Record: 22-2 (7-0 MAC, first)

2017 Postseason Finish: Reached regional semifinals

Head Coach: Mark Esselstein (32nd season)

Returning Letterwinners: Haley Hawk, sr., pitcher/1B; Bailey Bates, sr., 2B/shortstop; Mackenzie Sipe, sr., outfield; Miranda Haynes, sr., outfield; Bailey Strickler, jr., 3B; Lauren Henderson, jr., pitcher/1B; Mecaylah Hesse, jr., shortstop/outfield; Alyssa Miller, jr., shortstop/outfield; Macy Henkle, so., outfield/pitcher; McKenna Temple, so., catcher/1B.

Promising Newcomers: Allie Ford, jr., catcher; Courtney Lies, sr., outfield; Grace Swander, jr., 1B/outfield; Layne Claudy, so., shortstop/outfield; Madison Kroeger, jr., outfield.

Coach’s Outlook: We have our sights set high for this season. This is one of the most experienced teams I have ever had and very talented. After losing to the eventual state champion in the regionals last year, we know what we are capable of accomplishing if we stay hungry, focused and improve every game. Parkway, Coldwater and Minster return a lot of quality players from last season. All MAC games will be battles.


Division III

2017 Record: 9-13 (3-5 NWC, tied for fifth)

2017 Postseason Finish: Reached sectional finals

Head Coach: Matt Carr (six total seasons)

Returning Letterwinners: Audrey Manz, sr., pitcher/1B; Haylee Dominique, jr., pitcher/1B; Asia Arellano, so., outfield; Bri Gorrell, sr., catcher; Jen Stahl, jr., catcher; Ashlynn Rice, jr., infield.

Promising Newcomers: Megan Tope, jr., infield; Mallory Taylor, jr., outfield/pitcher; Kaela Lucas, so., outfield; Grace Tuttle, fr., catcher/pitcher; Leigha Egnor, fr., outfield/infield; Jalynn Parrett, fr., infield/outfield; Gabbie Stallbaum, fr., infield/outfield.

Coach’s Outlook: We have challenged ourselves with our schedule and we hope that will pay off in the end. We hope to get off to a better start this season. As always, we seem to be playing our best later in the year, which is a good thing. We hope to be competitive in the league and be playing our best come tournament time.


Division II

2017 record: 13-7 (6-3 WBL, tied for third)

2017 Postseason Finish: Reached sectional finals

Head Coach: John Young (sixth season)

Returning Letterwinners: Molly Bollinger, sr., pitcher/outfield; Morgan Golden, sr., infield; Maddie Brunner, sr., pitcher/outfield; Alissa Stahler, sr., infield; Chloe Wohlgamuth, sr., catcher; Megan Spainhower, sr., outfield/infield; Raegen Wheeler, sr., infield; Laken George, jr., outfield; Emma Tippie, jr., outfield/infield; Olivia Musser, jr., pitcher.utility; Kayla Seitz, so., infield/pitcher.

Promising Newcomers: Morgan Altenbach, jr., infield; Abbey Ambroza, so., pitcher/catcher/infield; Allie Hutchins, fr., infield/catcher; Shalon, McNeal, fr., outfield/infield; Kayla Bishop, fr., outfield.

Coach’s Outlook: The 2017 season was one the Shawnee Indians fought many injuries. We hope to stay healthy and improve our defense. Shawnee hopes to be a fun team to watch and we hope to improve throughout the season and hope to compete for a league title.


Division III

2017 Record: 14-10 (5-3 NWC, tied for third)

2017 Postseason Finish: Lost opener (sectional finals)

Head Coach: Jeff Johnston (sixth season)

Returning Letterwinners: Julie Mulholland, sr., pitcher/2B; Jenna Henline sr., catcher/1B; Kendra Johnston, sr., 3B; Kara May, sr., shortstop; Bailey Swartz, sr., outfield; Emily Zak, jr., 2B/3B; Leaira Jones, sr., outfield/1B.

Promising Newcomers: Alissa Sawmiller, so., outfield/infield; Hannan Burnett, so., pitcher; Krista Market, fr., outfield/infield; Gracie Butorac, fr., catcher; Mackenzie Brown, fr., pitcher/1B, Makenna Lehman, fr., outfield/infield; Brianna Regedanz, fr., 1B/outfielder; Victoria Shaw, fr., catcher/outfield; Alyssa Mertz, fr., outfield/infield.

Coach’s Outlook: We have a good mix of experienced returning players and youth. We have five seniors that have been starters since their freshman season. Kara May, Julie Mulholland, Bailey Swartz, Kendra Johnston and Jenna Henline will bring a lot of experience, leadership and offensive firepower to our team. We also return a senior battery of Mulholland at pitcher and Henline at catcher that we will rely on heavily as we develop some younger players in those positions. We have a total of seven returning letterwinners (six seniors and one junior), two sophomores, and seven freshmen on our roster. We are very experienced and talented at the top of our roster but we are very young and inexperienced at the bottom. Depth and experience at pitcher and catcher will be our biggest weakness, but we are excited to see the younger players grow in those positions. The NWC is a very competitive conference from top to bottom. We think that if we stay healthy, our strong senior class leads the way, and our younger players grow up real fast, we will be a team that can contend for an NWC title in 2018.

St. Henry

2017 Record: 9-11 (3-4, tied for fifth)

2017 Postseason Finish: Reached sectional finals

Head Coach: Kylie Huelsman (fifth season)

Returning Letterwinners: Alana Kunkler, sr., shortstop; Julia Holdheide, sr., outfield; Robyn Lefeld, sr., 2B; Carleigh Deitsch, jr., pitcher/1B; Taylor Rammel, jr., 2B/3B; Olivia Winner, jr., outfield.

Promising Newcomers: McKenna Buschur, so., pitcher.

Coach’s Outlook: We have a very talented group of athletes that I am excited to coach this season. These girls are a joy to be around, and I hope that their energy propels them to success.

St. Marys

Division II

2017 record: 1-16 (1-7 WBL, eighth)

2017 Postseason Finish: Lost opener (sectional semifinals)

Head Coach: Kendra Soloman (second year)

Returning Letterwinners: Rylee Burd, sr., pitcher; Kylie Lauth, sr., shortstop; Payton Grant, sr., 1B; Lexi Fowler, sr., 2B; Taylor Shimp, sr., 3B; Alyssa Alexander, jr., catcher; Abbi Chorvas, sr., outfield.

Promising Newcomers: Haley Ellis, so., outfield; Maddy Jones, so., pitcher.

Coach’s Outlook: Senior starting pitcher and cleanup batter Madi Howell is out for the season after she ruptured her ACL in the winter. Rylee Burd is now the starting pitcher instead of number two. Her speed will add a new dynamic to our defense. With her primary focus now being on pitching, I am excited to see what she will do for us. Alyssa Alexander is a third year starter as a junior. Her role as catcher will continue to play a vital role. She’s my honorary senior who fills her role very well. Our infield is about the same as last year. Planning on continuing our focus on hitting. Become more aggressive base runners, using our speed, and working on consistency.

Upper Scioto Valley

Division IV

2017 Record: 4-14 (2-8 NWCC, tied for sixth)

2017 Postseason Finish: Lost opener (sectional semifinals)

Head Coach: Nick Hurley (first season)

Returning Letterwinners: Haley Hunsicker, sr., shortstop; Madison Dunifon, jr., utility; Miriam Lee, jr., pitcher/2B; Rylee Leonard, jr., catcher; Rylee Shepard, so., 1B/pitcher; Briona Hurley, so., 3B; Jozlynn Ross, so., pitcher/2B; Hanna Lawrence, so., utility.

Promising Newcomers: Graesan Evans, fr., utility; Jazmynn Ross, fr., outfield/pitcher; Haylie Martin, fr., outfield.

Coach’s Outlook: We will have a young team and have set goals to improve every day, wanting to change the culture around the school about softball. Finished last season with four wins overall, two in conference looking to build a winning program and keep the kids interested in playing. There isn’t much tradition at USV when it comes to softball and we have probably only had a handful of winning seasons and kids get discouraged and quit. We are hoping to change the environment and get the athletes playing softball and sticking with it.

Van Wert

Division II

2017 record: 9-12 (4-5 WBL, sixth)

2017 Postseason Finish: Reached sectional finals

Head Coach: Greg Steinecker (second season)

Returning Letterwinners: Katie Dickson, sr., catcher/3B; Grace Kline, sr., outfield/1B; Laine Spoor, sr., pitcher/3B; Drew Kennedy, jr., 2B/outfield; Olivia Kline, jr., catcher/1B/outfield; Jaden Wagner, jr., 1B/pitcher/outfield; Katie Coplin, so., pitcher/shortstop/2B; Lauren Moore, so., pitcher/outfield/shortstop.

Promising Newcomers: Ashlynn Dicke, jr., 3B/outfield; Adrianna Grothause, jr., 2B/3B/outfield; Alexis Metz, jr., shortstop/2B/catcher; Reagan Priest, jr., 3B/2B/outfield; Grace Spoor, so., 2B/catcher/outfield.

Coach’s Outlook: Van Wert will be relying on the leadership and guidance of the three returning seniors as well as the other five returning letterwinners from last season. One of our goals is to bring a consistent approach to each game both offensively and defensively. If we can focus on the game one pitch at a time, I think this group of young ladies have the potential to do good things and be successful. We will be relying on the experience gained last year from our young pitching staff. Our defense will continue to grow with confidence each game and minimize the number of miscues made from last season. If we have good pitching and play sound defense this year, I think good things will happen. Offensively, we will need to bring a more consistent approach to the plate and on the bases in order to be successful. Knowing the WBL is a strong league, on any given day we could face our toughest opponent. As always, it’s going to be tough to compete in the WBL. We are hoping to improve upon last year’s record of 4-5 and season record.


Division II

2017 Record: 22-2 (9-0 WBL, first)

2017 Postseason Finish: Reached district finals

Head Coach: Bill Sammons (15th season)

Returning Letterwinners: Savannah Owen, sr., outfield; Lexi Jacobs, sr., shortstop; Grace Jolly, so., pitcher/2B.

Coach’s Outlook: We have seven positions to fill and we are missing 22 varsity letter winners from last season. We have girls who are very hard workers but extremely low on experience. They are working together as a team very well.


Division IV

2017 record: 5-8 (4-4 NWCC, fourth)

Head Coach: JR Biederman (first season)

2017 Postseason Finish: Did not participate

Returning Letterwinners: Aubrey Biederman, sr., 3B; Cydney Roberts, sr., pitcher/shortstop; Cassidy Craig, jr., pitcher/catcher; Madison Crumrine, sr., 2B; Cecelia Werner, so., outfield/2B; Hannah Hendrickson, so., outfield/1B.

Promising Newcomers: Kaitlyn Allen, sr., 1B; Maddie Allen, fr., outfield; Lauren Case, fr., outfield/3B; Peyton Spencer, fr., outfield/2B; Kaylee Compston, jr., shortstop/catcher.

Coach’s Outlook: 2017 season ended early due to a string of mono and a lack of numbers, which kept us from competing for a league title and playing in the postseason. I am extremely excited for this season with 16 talented young ladies out and a good mix of upperclassmen and underclassmen. I really believe we could put together a successful 2018 campaign and have a great shot at bringing home a league title.

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