Twinings enjoy nerve-wracking day

By Jack Hammill - Guest Columnist

So tell me Morgan Twining what was is like sitting here and waiting to here your name called?

“It was nerve-wracking!”

So tell me Bryana Twining, you had just rolled one of the better sets ever rolled in the OHSAA Division II battles and you were waiting to see if it would hold up – what was it like?

“It was nerve-wracking!”

I am not making this up, the same answer from two incredibly talented young ladies. One cousin, Bath’s Bryana Twining has her state title and Lima Senior’s Morgan Twining now has her sights set on it as she prepares to compete in the OHSAA D1 tournament next Saturday at Wayne Webb Columbus Bowl.

It was actually easier for Morgan to follow things at Star Lanes at the Harbor in the Division I District and perhaps early on a bit more concerning as Carlee Hosterman broke from the gate with a perfect 300 game and Dayle Aldrich was being Dayle Aldrich and bowling very well.

Bryana Twining knew that she had bowled a near record breaking set but the team play would continue for at least an hour and one half after she finished that the individual scores were for all intents and purposes locked in a vault in the tournament office. She only had time to wait. Coach Rayleen Arthur and mom and dad, Dave and Jodie did a great job in stilling those nerves.

“I really need to thank the three of them, my boyfriend Drew and Jack and Beth for being here,” Bryana said.

With the earlier starting time at state the news of success broke first for Bryana.

“It as a great experience, very nerve-wracking and very competitive. When I went to Columbus I was hoping I could make the top eight and the all tournament team. Winning it was a lot more than I ever would have expected.”

We talked some of this experience and the season in general.

“I have really struggled a lot this season, not doing as well as I really wanted to do, you might say that I saved the best for last!” she chuckled. It was great to bowl well. Mom and dad said that it reached a point where it felt like everyone in the stands near the singles competitors were rooting for her.”

“I just tried to stay positive and hoping for the best.” It certainly worked as she was quite obviously dominant on Saturday afternoon.

Meanwhile I was in Port Clinton at Star Lanes at the Harbor, the wonderland of Jeff and Cathy Lizzi watching the brilliance of the Division I stars of our area.

If it not for the individual performances of Morgan, Dayle and Carlee you could say that form held. The young ladies of Wapak and the gentlemen of Celina repeated their sectional victories by garnering District crowns as well. In many other district scenarios that may be enough but not on Saturday.

The ongoing back story of Bryana, the efforts of Morgan and Dayle and the perfect game of Carlee Hosterman simply stole the show.

During the majority of it Morgan sat huddled with the Lima Senior coaching group of Misty Lee and Drew Ambroza and boys mentor and coach Mike Kirian.

As Morgan shared (one more time), “It was nerve-wracking!”

During our chat she said something that really made me think and perhaps should open up the ears of the OHSAA or at the least the Northwest District staff.

“This is my third trip here and I really wanted the chance to advance, to have something to show for it.”

It made me think of two people, one being Austin Cook who made four state trips including the last as the hub of the 2017 OHSAA State champs St Marys. It also made me think of Dayle who would not be advancing. Unfortunately they did not have the Division II numbers advantages that he did or even that Bryana did this season.

Still she was obviously upbeat.

What turned the trick for you Morgan?

She showed me her hand – “My daily affirmations were the key.” The markings included ‘Me vs. the lanes and not against others’, ‘Be consistent. ‘Hit my mark and always take a deep breath.’

Coach Kirian walked by at that time and said and –

To which Morgan replied, tuck the pinky in with a big smile.

“One of my goals was to get to state and it would be great to win a title like Bryana just did but it will be very special to simply get to make the trip.

She gave a great deal of credit to her father Greg and mother Jenna during our time together. She reflected some on the Christmas eve bowling times the family used to do at Northland. She also gave praise to her older sister Kayleigh who she feels has helped her a great deal

She did a great job of taking the focus off of her self as did Bryana when we chatted despite the fact that it was their moment.

Each gave thanks for the opportunity to bowl within the high school format and were appreciative of their coaches as well as the efforts of Chris Sanford and the staff at 2oth in assuring that they had ample practice time and the opportunity to practice on the shot prior to the event.

Next week at state Wapakoneta, Celina, Josh Wahl and Morgan will represent us well.

By Jack Hammill

Guest Columnist


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