Bowling love goes to Neptune and back

By Jack Hammill

Neptune – 45 EBT was the bowling challenge for the youth of the West Ohio Bowling Conference recently and the response by those student athletes, coaches, parents and assorted proprietors was a little less than favorable.

Once again Varsity Lanes in St Marys demonstrated that it is one of the more challenging stops on the WOHSBC schedule.

One of the main problems in the view of some to include this writer is that this well-respected conference has always had done its level best to elevate student-athletes and not make them want to drop kick proprietors into … well into outer space.

The fact that this match was held on Christmas weekend frustrated some a great deal. The match was rolled on Dec. 23, or Festivus, so perhaps it was a chance for the lanes to share its differences as demonstrated on an historic Seinfeld episode.

In my own humble opinion the Gentlemen Grinches in this case had not had the time yet to get their hearts enlarged by their own Cindy Lou Whos.

There is at least one school of thought that the Grinch or two had an axe to grind against another … then again that never really did the Grinch make good in any other narrative.

One potential issue of major concern is that there are knowledgeable lane folks who battled with Badgers, Wolves, Cheetahs and assorted other bowling lane animals as they exited Neptune. Could this lead to the use of other troublesome lane conditions as this season continues to go forward?

Among concerns for many was that only limited bowlers had to experience this average and bowling honors challenge. The records show that only four of the varsity teams from the conference boys and or girls teams competed on that Saturday. The girls varsity from that house did not even compete on the condition.

What impact will it have on end of year honors?

For that matter what impact could it have on college recruiters who routinely survey the stats of this conference as they look to fill their college programs?

I will continue to love all the involved parties to Neptune and back.

That said I certainly hope that the conference can come up with a plan to rectify what for some was a disastrous Saturday afternoon. As a coach I attempted to contact a newly appointed board member to discuss the issue, through a chain of command. I am awaiting a call back still.

Ironically while dining recently I bumped into two individuals who were arguably positively impacted by the lane conditions. One was a victorious coach who had had a week to practice on the condition, the other a coach who had gained a 400 pin or so victory in a makeup earlier in the week.

Interestingly enough the meeting took place in a restaurant where a young man works who had to battle the conditions of Neptune.

Things are now wide open in the North part of the league anyway for the “walls” to come down and for the additional proprietors to attack us with badgers, lions and bears oh my.

I trust the commish will get this under control soon.

Congratulations Ian Friesner and James Riepenhoff … and Richard Parrish

Ian Friesner and James Riepenhoff got their Christmas week off to a great start on Neptune Eve.

Ian especially shook off his apprehension of the traditional tough conditions at Pla-Mor Lanes in Coldwater and along with James made the trip for the King of the Hill in this case hosted by Garret Stout. The end result of breaking through the moments of fear was that he was crowned champion. Riepenhoff would finish fifth in the tournament.

There cannot be many bowlers hotter than Ian right now and it comes at a good time with the City Singles prepping for round two Jan. 6 and 7. He is already in the top 10. Could he be a factor?

Richard Parrish rolled his first 300 this past Tuesday and this Wednesday he and I should have a better chance to chat. This past Wednesday, he was still gathering photo shots of lanes 15-16 at 20th where the honors were earned.

Parrish is a great individual who has put a lot of hours into his game. It will be great to hear what he has to say.

Will see you around the lanes …unless of course you are one of my fans from St. Marys .. in that case maybe Neptune.

By Jack Hammill

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