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Jack Hammill - Guest Columnist

For those that missed the update in Monday’s extension of this column, the first round of the Lima City Singles is in the books and though many of the more than 200 competitors fell victim to the Taj Mahal Kegel pattern there were a number of individuals who excelled. The main individuals who avoided being wounded by a most interesting pattern were Amy Newland and Brian Sharp who will lead the survivors into battle the first full weekend of January.

This coming weekend two more excellent group of bowlers will enter the limelight in our city at 20th Century Lanes.

The first group will appear on Saturday when the northern division of the West Ohio Bowling Conference will make its first of three visits to Lima. The location this week will be at 20th Century Lanes with the ladies taking to the lanes at 8:45 a.m. and the young men slated to do battle around Noon.

While the names of the youth will not be as recognizable as Sharp or Newland, Schroeder or Grumblis rest assured that we will have high school stars in our presence.

Celina who just conquered the OHSAA Kickoff Classic field will be in attendance. They are a very solid team, led at least in part by the great start by Cole Cisco. Cole I trust will quickly advise you however that he is only one part of a very good team.

Lima Shawnee will be one of the host teams this Saturday and they boast two very good squads. The young men would appear to be deeper in talent but the young ladies have a lot of talent as well. Dale Aldrich is one example of the talent. She rolled a 2 game 480 set this past weekend at Van Wert. Bowling genetics are very present in this squad as well. Abbey Ambroza and Allie Meeker are great talents and were seen at 20th this past weekend cheering on a parent or two. It must have worked as Shelley Ambroza and Bill Meeker are well up the leader-board of the City Singles.

When you get there find the St Marys team and ask any of their fan base to point out Jaden Gibson to you. She is extremely good. This past week she set a new school record, taking down the past standard of one of my all time favorites Erica Keysor. She rolled a 514 two game series at Van Wert with games of 255 and 259

And to think we have come this far in this preview without mentioning Morgan Twining or Riley Davenport of Lima Senior, Gabe DiLallo of Temple or any of the members of the traditionally strong Wapak teams who could make yet another state run this season. Tyler Miller, Carlee Hosterman and Katie Manger are three individuals who have demonstrated excellence for multiple seasons.

There will be great team battles all over the house. Shawnee will take on St Marys and the match between Wapak and Lima Central Riepenhoff, I mean Lima Central Catholic will be great as well. And how far off was I – with Cecilia, Hannah, Dominic and Michael Jay Riepenhoff each of the starting unit for LCC. Those two battles will take place around noon.

Vic Sockrider NWO travel league at 20th this coming Sunday

I am old enough that I can remember the likes of Earl Moreo and Tobe Cardone issuing challenges to one another and all who would listen – that challenge went something like this (and granted a bit of a paraphrase) – ‘ what say you bring your best and I bring my best and we bowl some.

That has become the theme of the team based approach to the NWO Vic Sockrider Memorial Travel League.

The travel league evolved from the NWO Singles league that was having some challenges in getting the size of fields that they wanted for their events. Sockrider and the proprietors thought that a team approach may be the better way to go and the recent numbers seem to be indicating that was the way to go. Vic very sadly is no longer with us but his mentee and work colleague JJ Miller has taken up the reigns and all appears to be going well.

This band of excellent bowling brothers from throughout Northwest Ohio will be at 20th this coming Sunday at 11am. The team from 20th Century Lanes headed by James Riepenhoff will be hosting teams from as nearby as Westgate and as far away as Napoleon and Fostoria in a battle at the house that Tobe built.

The bowling is going to be great this week as the competitors will roll on a long pattern (42-44 feet) and the food will be even better.

As for talent a virtual who’s who of the Northwest portion of our state will be competing. I would say it is worth the price of admission but there is not any cover. Again action starts at 11 and you will not want to miss anything.

See you at 20th for some excellent bowling this weekend.

Jack Hammill

Guest Columnist

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