Lima area girls high school tennis capsules

Editor’s note: The following information was provided by coaches.


Coach: Sandy Dackin

Last Year’s Record: 4-11

Division: II

Returning Letterwinners: Charis Barnes (Sr.), Katie Mulholland (Sr.), Kami Tomlinson (Sr.), Regan Carter (Jr.), Fayme Gandhi (Soph.)

Promising Newcomers: Esther Bolon (Fr.), Ruby Bolon (Fr.)

Season Outlook: With a number of veteran players returning along with the addition of two experienced freshmen, we will be starting in a better position than previous seasons. We will continue to work on fundamentals, tactics and strategy in order to make our matches more competitive. As each of our players finds her place on the court, I look forward to the possibilities for success this tennis season.


Coach: Kristi Owsley

Years at School, record: 2 (25-8)

Last year’s record: 13-6

Division: II

Returning Letterwinners: Katie Wright (Sr.), Lucie Fett (Sr.), Amelia Mitchell (Jr.), Emma Klinger (Jr.), Caity Zimmerman (Jr.), Raychel Avila (Jr), Erin Hotmire (Soph.)


Coach: Jan Morrison

Years at School, record: 16, 203-53

Last Year’s record: 12-5

Division: II

Returning Letterwinners: Grace Gabes (Soph.), Sierra Zuercher (Jr.), Sara Hellwarth (Sr.) Allison Lehman (Sr.), Christina Harting (Sr.), Lexi Noll (Sr.), Skye Grube (Sr.)

Promising Newcomers: Taylor Turner (Soph.), Cassidy Bowersock (Soph.)

Season Outlook: We will start five seniors, only two are returning starters, The other three are excited for the opportunity to play varsity. We are hopeful that this senior-led team will compete well.


Coach: Jason Selhorst

Years at School, record: 2 (3-12)

Last year’s record: 3-12

Division: II

Returning Letterwinners: Ellie Neal (Sr.), Ashley Watkins (Sr.), Annie Sayoto (Jr.), Kate Foster (Sr.), Angalena Wright (Sr.), Jiezel Purugganan (Sr.), Madalyn Schomber (Jr.)

Season Outlook: We return all seven varsity players from last year so we are very optimistic and excited for the season ahead. We look forward to competing for a WBL championship and sending players deep into the tournament. We believe with our experience and hard work that girls have put in, will lead to a very successful season.


Coach: Katie Brim

Years at school, record: 2 (17-20)

Last year’s record: 3-15

Division: II

Returning Letterwinners: Mykaela Schriber (Soph.), Abby Hartshorn (Jr.), Kelsey Flowers (Jr.), Olivia Brown (Sr.), Alex Haushalter (Sr.), Lexi Phillips (Sr.), Abbi Amweg (Sr.), Kayce Sherman (Soph.), Abby Oberlitner (Jr.)

Promising Newcomers: Elizabeth Heinstz (Jr.)

Season Outlook: If we do everything off and on the court above the line, then we will succeed to our best abilities and even above.

Lima Central Catholic

Coach: Kevin Bruin

Years at School, record: 15 (223-128)

Last Year’s Record: 10-7

Division: II

Returning Letterwinners: Maddie Moore (Sr.), Kenya Manley (Sr.), Olivia Kesner (Soph.), Anna Janowski (Soph.), Madie Brinkman (Soph.)

Promising Newcomers: Morgan Chaney (Fr.), Ally Oravitz (Fr.), Morgan Sealts (Soph.), Anna Kahle (Soph), Nicole Patricio-Agosto (Fr.)

Season Outlook: Should have a good year with a lot of young talent.

Lima Senior

Coach: Amy Baker

Division: I

Returning Letterwinners: Yessenia Alvarez (Sr.), Hailey Bartels (Jr.), Hope Contraes (Soph.), Tatlor Orlando (Sr.), Willow Olsen (Sr.), Shatiana Glenn (Soph.), Alex Houston (Sr.)

Promising Newcomers: Shiloh Shoemaker, Lydia Henry

Season Outlook: Lydia Henry and Shiloh Shoemaker are very dedicated and love the game of tennis.


Coach: Brian Barhorst

Years at School, record: 3 (17-31)

Last year’s record: 9-7

Division: II

Returning Letterwinners: Mariah Schroeder (Jr.), Addie Scmidebusch (Soph.), Lindsey Schneeg (Jr.), Chelsea Padroski (Jr.)

Promising Newcomers: Emma Schmidebusch (Fr.), Kerri Ellerbroch (Jr.), Alysha Verhoff (Jr.)

Season Outlook: I expect O-G to be competitive and to be better than last season. Nice Blend of youth and experience.


Coach: Nate Higgins

Years at School, record: 1 (16-1)

Last year’s record: 16-1

Division: I

Returning Letterwinners: Alouts Wei (Soph.), Sanjana Rajasekaran (Jr.)

Promising Newcomers: Katie Clark (Soph.), Michaela Rutter (Soph.), Aria Patel (Fr.)

Season Outlook: It will be a tough postseason with our move up to Division I, but I am confident we can win the WBL this year, (for the first time since 2009), with our incredibly young talent.

St. Marys

Coach: Mariah Knivh

Years at School, Record: 1st

Last Year’s record: 12-4

Division: II

Returning Letterwinners: Clare Caywood (Jr.), Jennifer Brown (Sr.), Jillian Wine (Sr.), Kara Danaher (Jr.), Grace Dicke (Sr.), Bailey Lininger (Sr.)

Season Outlook: If we stay dedicated, we will stay successful.

Van Wert

Coach: Alex Schmidt

Years at school, record: 3 (68-88)

Division: II

Returning Letterwinners: Emma Verville (Sr.), Olivia Kline (Jr.), Tabatha Saam (Jr.)

Promising Newcomers: Allie Etter (Fr.), Paige Moonshower (Soph.), Grace Kline (Sr.), Arianna Adkins (Jr.), Ali Morrow (Soph.), Natalie Schreiber (Soph.), Kaylee Jennings (Soph.)

Season Outlook: This year we have a lot of young talent to build upon. We have a lot of potential and our girls have been working very hard at improving. We will be able to compete with all of the teams we come up against, but might face some growing pains as many of our players will be getting their first taste of varsity tennis. We have a great group of girls who will be well coached and will represent the Van Wert community well on and off the court.


Coach: Roy Gillespie

Years at School, record: 1st year at school overall record 104-38

Last Year’s Record: 15-1

Division: I

Returning Letterwinners: Makayla Schroeder (Sr.), Madison Schroeder (Jr.), Lauren Snider (Sr.)

Promising Newcomers: Alyssa Good (Fr.), Ellie Schroer (Fr.), Madison Snider (Fr.), Casey Minnig (Fr.)

Season Outlook: We lost some great players from last year’s squad but this year’s team has been working hard through the winter and summer to get better. At Wapak we expect to compete for the league championship every year.

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