UNOH soccer player seeks spot on South African Olympic team

LIMA — Robyn Moodaly, a member of the University of Northwestern Ohio women’s soccer team, will be vying for a spot on the South African Olympic team when she travels with the team to compete against the United States National team in Chicago today.

According to an article written in the Independent Online news service in South Africa, Vera Pauw, the coach for Banyana, the nickname of the South African team, invited Moodaly to be a member of the 25-player squad to compete against the Americans in Soldier Field.

Moodaly, who was a member of the 2012 squad that competed in the London Olympics as a 17-year-old, has been plagued with injuries, but the midfielder was given the opportunity by the national coach to see if she was fit to play and become a member of the roster.

This past Monday on Safa, the official website of the South African team, Pawa said “Up to this point she had looked doubtful that she will be fit on time but his past week at training we saw a different perspective. It is now up to her to see if she will be ready to play any part in the Olympics

UNOH head coach Stuart Gore is hoping for the best for his junior midfielder and said she is really a great talent and team player.

Gore admits it is quite unusual to have an Olympian on the squad and said not many schools have this distinction, but Moodaly does not flaunt or throw it in a player’s face that she has played at such a high level.

“You couldn’t pick her out from anyone else,” Gore said. “She has no ego and is an important part of the team. She has zero ego and works hard and that is what you want from a player. She is a fantastic player who is very quick.”

For the Racers last year, Moodaly started 10 games and scored one goal and added three assists.

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Robyn Moodaly Moodaly

By Jose Nogueras

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