Browns appear incapable of getting worse

By Vince Koza - Contributing Columnist

I think the Browns have hit rock bottom.

I know Tom Reed, who covers the Browns daily for the Cleveland Plain Dealer and is on “Koza in the Morning” weekly, thinks that it actually could get worse because there is still a quarter of the regular season remaining!

Didn’t Sunday’s game feel like it should have been the end of the Browns’ season?

Wishful thinking on my part, I guess.

For all Browns’ fans too — right?


Funny that I had received a text message from good buddy Chris Wheeler a few minutes prior to the Browns/Bengals game saying “call me crazy but I think the Browns win today.”


The guy should be committed after a comment like that, right?

The Browns played like they had given up on the season and that last Sunday was the last game.

Wishful thinking again!

Still a quarter of the season remaining.

The only positive I saw was when Bengals running back Jeremy Hill, after scoring a touchdown, did a “Lambeau Leap” into the end zone stands of First Energy Stadium, and the Browns’ Christian Kirksey took exception and was assessed a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty.

Now that penalty I liked.

I didn’t like the Browns performance Sunday.

But I don’t blame the starting quarterback Austin Davis.

True, he didn’t lead Cleveland to even a single touchdown, but believe me — quarterback hasn’t been a problem for the Browns in games this season — no matter who has been in there.

And the Browns are going back to Johnny Manziel this Sunday?

Like that is going to make a difference?

Funny how the only real legitimate winnable game remaining on the Browns schedule was this coming Sunday, and then we see that San Francisco is coming off of an overtime win in Chicago against the favored Bears?

Not good!

I guess the good news is that with the Titans winning this past Sunday, the Browns actually are in position to garner the overall number one pick for the next NFL draft.

Oh wait — we know how the last several drafts have gone for Cleveland.

And if I am the Browns, I certainly don’t take a quarterback with that overall number one choice.

There are so many needs with this football team, you just can’t draft enough good players.

The way that it has gone of late, I would take just one good player that the Browns actually have drafted.

The Browns’ second first round draft pick of 2015, Cam Erving, has been an embarrassment ever since he has been put in the lineup.

Wednesday, he was demoted to third string.

Ugh again!

Honestly, there are just a handful of current Browns’ players that are even good enough to be starting in the NFL.

And none of those are recent Browns’ draft picks, I can tell you that.

Somebody please call me Sunday and ask me to do something instead of wasting three hours watching the Browns/49ers matchup.

Oh wait, I will be in Findlay celebrating my wife’s birthday.

And probably in front of the tube — watching the doggone game.

Boy, I apparently love being miserable.

By Vince Koza

Contributing Columnist

You can comment to Vince Koza at [email protected]

You can comment to Vince Koza at [email protected]

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