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By Jack Hammill - For The Lima News

I would venture to say that at least once or twice each bowling season, I begin a column with one thought in mind, and then something happens during the course of the day or right before I push “send” that, at the very least, modifies the direction that I was going to go in my writing.

The same thing happened about 45 minutes ago before I wrote this.

Much of what is written here is unchanged, but an extra individual was added, as was the word “significance.”

It has long been my stance that there are both great moments and great individuals in the world of bowling. All we have to do is take the time to talk with people or reflect even on what we know about them and the tone of significance in the sport, as well as the lives of others, will become apparent.

This starts with this year’s inductees into our Bowling Hall of Fame. Man, the committee got it right once again.

We will highlight each of these individuals at some point in the future, but for now, just let me say wow.

• Jessica Sanford Award for excellence in regard to the Junior Program: Ike Boyd. This honor may well be past due. Ike simply left it on the lanes each Saturday that he worked with the youth in his charge. There are a lot of young adults out there today who are raising quality families as a result of their Saturday relationship with Ike. What a great choice.

• Superior Performance: Rayleen Arthur. This incredible individual is already a Sanford honoree, and I am so glad that it did not end there. We will reflect on her resume later, but for now let’s just say she has shot 300 before it became commonplace to do so and has a Lima City Singles title. She is also one major ambassador of the game.

• Meritorious Service: John Austin. John, please envision the standing ovation that I am giving you as this is read. I sat back when I heard of John’s inclusion in this class and just imagined what location could be used for the dinner if it included the team members of all the teams or league members of all the leagues that this man has sponsored.

• Laura Burden. We rushed past each other the other day. The 300 did not come as a surprise; there will be more. What was really cool was the sparkle in her eyes as she spoke about her daughter’s upcoming First Communion.

• Brian Sharp. One of the more important human conditions for me is humility. I am not a big fan of arrogance. I had such a great chat with him when I went to pay for another great mowing job! Pull him aside at some point, and talk about something other than the lanes. I love his warrior attitude and what he does to make a difference in the lives of others.

There is so much going on in the bowling world over the next few weeks, starting in Wapakoneta next weekend. There are going to be a whole lot of people getting very busy.

• The PBA Moon City Classic begins Sept. 11 at Astro Lanes. The Pro-Am on Friday evening is special, like in Special Olympics special. You may even want to check back on Saturday and Sunday and see if Chris Loschetter can defend his title.

• The UNOH Racer Classic follows on Sept. 19-20 at Westgate Lanes. By the way, I had the chance to watch some practice this week. The young ladies are prime to improve on last season, and it sure seems like the varsity men have reloaded. You will not want to miss this event.

• That very same weekend, the pros will still be in our area in Troy . Whatever bowling jones you may have, it can be met that weekend.

• Sept. 25, our bowling grand daddies, the PBA50 crew, return to Delphos for the Mel Westrich Open. Circle that date on your calendar.

• As if we have not teased you enough with the incredible, with the significant then there is always this event for you. The ever-creative Derek Dukes will be holding The Accuracy Masters on Oct. 10 and 11. Who but Dukes would hold a bowling event with a golf membership as a prize? To learn more about it, take a trip to Southgate Lanes on Facebook.

See you at the lanes!

By Jack Hammill

For The Lima News

Jack Hammill covers bowling for The Lima News.

Jack Hammill covers bowling for The Lima News.

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