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Boom XYZ

Welcome to Boom XYZ, an examination of work, life and play in Northwest Ohio through a generational lens, presented by The Lima News.

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Trinko Thinks So

Hear stories about family life and interesting local personalities from managing editor David Trinko.

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David Trinko: Making efforts to enjoy the sequel

Have you ever found yourself watching the sequel to a movie that didn’t interest you that much in the first place? That’s sort of how I’m feeling about “Eighth Grade: One More Time!” I’ll admit a few things before I get too far....

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David Trinko: Mothers know when to pick a fight

Some day, your husband might tell the children about how much you fought for them. If they knew today, they’d be embarrassed. They don’t want to stand out in a crowd. They don’t want the attention that comes with fighting back when they’ve been...

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David Trinko: A helpful map for people on the move

On any journey, it’s important to know where you’re going and how to get there. It’s also important to know the destination hasn’t changed. Two of our daughters have been participating in sports where, frankly, I’m just not that familiar...

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David Trinko: Ottoville supports a good teacher and coach

Many teachers and coaches never know what kind of an impact they had on the people they’ve taught. They may have made a difference, but they might not ever hear about it.  Bob Kaple, 81, now knows exactly how the Ottoville community feels about him. When he...

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David Trinko: Hearing the right message on Easter

I remember the first time I heard the words over the radio and being intrigued by the message. “There might be a little dust on the Bible, but don’t let it fool ya about what’s inside,” I heard. “There might be a little dust on the Bible....

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David Trinko: The annoyances of life in the real world

Isn’t it annoying when you really need a piece of paper, and you can’t find one? Then you look in the place where you usually store extra paper. There’s none there either. So frustrating, right? Now imagine you’re in your bathroom. It’s...

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David Trinko: Being there when you can’t be there

It’s always been easy to support two of my children’s athletic endeavors in the past. My middle daughters are only a year apart, and they always played the same sports. They were on the same softball team for a few years. Even when they were on different...

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David Trinko: ‘OGSN’ sparks school spirit

The crew with the Ottawa-Glandorf Sports News had an exclusive interview with Titan coach Tyson McGlaughlin, asking the head boys basketball coach the important questions while pointing a water bottle with a coosie on it at him as if it were a microphone. “I...

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David Trinko: Why the newspaper keeps reporting numbers

The old adage says numbers never lie. According to plenty of internet comments over the past two years, they lied to you nearly daily. If you’re a regular reader of The Lima News, you may notice we’re not printing the daily coronavirus tallies from the...

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