Letter: Oh, that warm, fuzzy feeling

When I got married 50 years ago, I had to get a new Social Security card. I went down to the local office and walked out 15 minutes later with my new card.

Now you are almost forbidden to sit foot inside the Social Security office and have to apply online, which a friend recently did. A copy of his application was emailed back to him with instructions to make a copy and mail it to the local SS office on North Street along with his drivers license for ID. He was uncomfortable mailing his drivers license and wanted to drop it off, but they said he had to mail it.

His application was received on June 19, which would be 7 days ago. As of this date, he has not received his card and is driving around without a driver’s license. They say it could take up to 14 days. We sure have come a long ways in the last 50 years. This is our tax dollars at work. Doesn’t it just make you feel warm inside.

— Millie Fisher, Elida

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