Letter: Too quiet on abortion? Priorities are mixed up

When I read the article in The Lima News of Dec. 28th (Abortion groups: Biden too quiet), I was more than disconcerted over the attitude of pro-abortion groups and their priorities.

These groups blame President Biden for not giving enough talk time to the issue of abortion. Let me remind them of a few things.

• There’s a pandemic going on that is killing people young and old in our country.

• We are presently trying to avoid war with Russia and China.

• We’re worried about the safety of our people from mass shootings.

And they’re screaming about abortion rights? Does it even compare?

The pro-abortion people shout that “it’s my body” when they don’t use their bodies responsibly having sex impulsively in the first place, let alone the STD’s that could be transmitted. Last I heard, “no” was a 100% effective form of birth control. They don’t think of the precious life they could be creating. Or is it just tissue “to be taken care of”? In comes Planned Parenthood and convinces the woman that this is the best thing. Probably said to all to raise their profits (along with my taxpayer dollars to fund these abortuaries).

President Biden (as well as Nancy Pelosi) are not devout Catholics if they encourage death inside and infanticide outside the womb by their loosening policies of abortion around the world. Again, using our tax dollars to do it, the Mexico City Policy permits Americans abroad to have abortions.

Understanding crisis pregnancy, a woman can go to plenty of organizations that can help her in her need and fear to find compassion and help. There are many, many couples who are childless, longing to love a little one. “Adoption the loving option” can be the greatest love you can give your baby if you cannot give it a good life. Nowadays, many birth mothers can still be involved in their baby’s life.

When will the selfishness end for these pro-choice people? Who knows. But I find it ironic that this article came out on the day the Catholic Church commemorates the Holy Innocents — the slaughter of the infants in Bethlehem by Herrod.

Marlene Schulze



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