Letter: It’s a bad time to stoke animosity among parties

The “My Kid Beat Up Your Honor Student” bumper sticker response to “My Child is an Honor Student” unabashedly reflects the place and times we’re living in, an expression of feelings not exclusively held by those dropping out of or upon graduating from high school, gleeful their churlish sentiments and utterances would henceforth be exempt from thoughtful classroom scrutiny.

Jeering in this new era of freedom from thoughtful considerations comes a-trumpeting Jim Jordan, the junkyard dog imposed upon us thru the machinations of GOP gerrymandering, funded and abetted by the gang of swindlers amassed in the local country club’s den of thieves near Jordan’s street-side fireplug.

One of Jordan’s local tag-team partners, Mark Figley, comes to the pen “slopping the hogs” with a swill of discontent and disinformation (witness his glib and dishonest column portrayals in The Lima News of Republican and Democratic party histories), feeding the voracious appetite of local, aggrieved barbarians.

These two carnival barkers for the main show’s headliner, an ongoing event of smoke and mirrors, otherwise known as the “Big Lie,” would be lacking in luster were it not for the pomp of their money changers, splendidly donned in ecclesiastical robes, roosting in their repossessed cathedral headquarters while heralding with an alluring song promising comfort in medieval pastures.

This Christmas season seems to bring with it a popularity of the “Onward Christian Soldiers” march, with the shepherd’s staff and flute replaced with an AR-15 and bugle. A diminished respect for the Beatitudes and the Good News that “the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32), in these times, is not so bumper sticker worthy.

Lyle Henry



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