Letter: 3rd Ward seat debacle was rigged from start

We often hear both sides of the political spectrum claim that elections are being rigged.

Locally, we have a situation where an election that didn’t happen can in a sense be considered rigged. The situation was created when Lima’s incumbent 3rd Ward councilor failed twice to get on the ballot. This was the topic of a letter to the editor written by Robert Devita, which appeared in The Lima News on Sunday, Dec. 19.

The president of city council, John Nixon, responded a few days later. This response and a couple of events that occurred prior to it should be troubling to citizens of Lima and the surrounding community.

The first event happened on Election Day, Nov. 2, when 3rd Ward Councilor Carla Thompson made a Facebook video and commented that she was going to be back on city council, even though she was not on the ballot. Additionally, she has twice thanked the other members of city council for a vote that hadn’t happened yet.

The second event was a conversation that I had with 1st Ward City Councilor Todd Gordon, after I attended the committee meeting of the whole held on Nov. 29. Gordon stated that regardless of which process was followed, city council would appoint Thompson.

Thirdly, President Nixon’s response confirms that it is the position of council to “not waste time” with a more democratic, previously used process. Regardless of how the vacancy occurred, it’s still a vacancy and should be filled the same way. These types of actions by council will continue as long as citizens do not pay attention and remain silent.

Bruce Patrick



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