Letter: Browns officially screwed by refs

The lack of calls against the Packers last Saturday was appalling. I saw at least three hands to the face by their defense, one facemask on Baker Mayfield and one defensive hold.

Not only could the officials apparently not see any wrongdoing by Green Bay, but they apparently don’t know the difference between offsides and false start, but they even got the wrong player.

The crew for last Saturday’s game should never be allowed in another NFL stadium, not even as spectators. Why is there is no oversight by the NFL on poor officiating is disgraceful. It refinds me of watching big-time wrestling in the 1950s.

If a defended had grabbed Aaron Rodgers’ facemask or Tom Brady’s, there would have been so much yellow on the field you would have thought a herd of crowds had been relieving themselves out there for a month.

Dave Frantz



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