Letter: What’s the difference?

Republicans this, Democrats that.

What’s the difference?

Answer: There is none.

The party in power changes but nothing changes in our country. Why? Because we elect “politicians.” We believe their lies. And they all are liars. Regardless of party.

From the moment they are elected their only goal is focused on getting re-elected. They campaign on promises, but never fulfill those promises. This last election we saw a man elected who has been proven to be a compulsive liar. He had to pull out of his first bid because of plagiarism. He has been caught lying about his education. He says we are systemically racist, yet no one remembers him saying he would not send his kids to integrated schools because they would be jungles.

The list goes on and on with this man. He has spent 47 years in public office and no noteworthy accomplishments to show. Yes, he’s a Democrat, but so what? How many years was the Bush family in office? Both were Republicans, both were disasters. Disasters for the people, but not for themselves.

We had four years of someone who was not a politician, not part of the “good ol’ boys club,” and we saw what happened.

He had to be gotten rid of by any means. Trump ran as a Republican but he wasn’t a dyed in the wool Republican because he knew there’s no difference in either party. And he didn’t care, he stepped on all toes, so he had to go by any means.

Never in my 62 years have I ever seen both parties basically team up to oust a sitting president. That tells me he was doing something right.

Bob Riley

Fort Jennings


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