Letter: 31% not of right mind

Who in their right mind would:

• Approve sending thousands of unvaccinated illegal immigrants to cities by charter plane paid by our tax dollar?

• The halting construction of pipelines while importing oil from foreign sources.

• Paying illegals who totally disregarded our laws while not improving our inner cities while the plight of homeless veterans goes unheeded?

• Prying into our medical records and bank accounts, infringing on our second amendment, injecting woke agendas with complete disregard of parental concern in our educational system while indoctrination of critical race theory in our public schools is of dysfunctional mind.

Huge amounts of printed money into the economy creates tremendous inflation which seems the intention of George Soros, Bernie Sanders, Cortez, Biden, Pelosi and so many wealthy people which inflicts undue hardship upon the working class at the market place and pump.

The killing of our military sons and daughters while they were helping evacuate US Citizens from Afghanistan places total blame on Biden while abandoning our people was morally disgusting. Understandable for a person who has had five deferments from the draft and has a son dishonorably discharged from the Navy.

This regime contains the most inept people in all departments and generals in the pentagon who would warn the Chinese military of our intentions.

Fauci seems to believe that lying is virtue and gain of function and severing vocal cords of baby beagles so they remain silent while infecting them with parasitic worms of mosquitoes, their little heads placed in wire cages is totally acceptable. It is difficult to believe that 31% of our population believe this country is on the right track.

Leslie Kubinski



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