Letter: Truth and the comfort zone

Truth is the property of being in accord with fact or reality as the dictionary defines it. Unfortunately, we live in a world of comfort in which believing that which fails the test of truth provides too many with that zone of comfort.

Truth is now being denied simply because it causes the discomfort of individuals that may not like truth being told not understanding that the omittance of truth has already caused hurt and pain to those that have been historically ignored or mistreated as if to conclude that the pain of the truth deniers is of greater importance than that of the truth tellers.

We learned of Native American atrocities perpetuated on early American settlers depicted in TV shows and movies over the last 100 years branding Indigenous people as ruthless redskin savages. We didn’t hear much about “the Trail of Tears” or “Wounded Knee.”

We learned about the numerous race riots demanding equal justice but America was silent about Tulsa and Rosewood just to name a few. It should be of no surprise that so many have attached themselves to the” Big Lie” because from a historical standpoint, we have practiced what we have preached and it is from that historical position that so many adhere to, that place of comfort, in believing the lie that continues toward the destruction of this Democracy.

When you continue to believe in that which you know to be untrue, you have effectively defined yourself because having dignity outweighs any power you think you may possess built from a false pyramid.

Charles Thomas



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