Letter: People are different – Celebrate the difference

We have access to a lot of news on the local, state, regional and national levels. We all watch our TV but we only “watch” the same program. We do not “see” the same program.

Each person will “see” with the eyes they own. The background they were brought up in. The experiences they have had along the way up to now. The things they have read. ETC.

I guess it is really no wonder there are so many political and religious viewpoints. Some like broccoli and some do not!

It has been said that man is made in the image of God. Well, that is not the problem. The “problem” is when one person tries to re-make another person in his own image. To make others see what he sees.

Sometimes it works but mostly not! Maybe that is the reason for wars, or for fights, or for disagreements, or for hurtful things being said.

We have too many people, too many viewpoints, too many points of view — we will never all “see” the same things in the same way.

The world may be better off if we could accept the differences and allow the differences.

I will not try to make you a different you, and you can try to not make me a different me. Besides, we already have a “you,” — we do not need another one. We do need variety and that would be me!

George Haver



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