Letter: Elida’s “Leaving Iowa” Packs A Lot of Laughs!!

Name: Jim Patton

Email: jamespatton99@gmail.com

Address: 4351 Stemen St. - Elida, Ohio

Elida High School took a lot of risks by presenting a very offbeat show in a very offbeat way and it pays off with huge laughs. “Leaving Iowa” is a story told across time by a member of a family that, like most of us, took cross-country trips that were not always a joy to be on.

With everything from a cutaway car to a rotating stage, the main character steps back and forth through time to play both his younger self and present-day self, telling the story of traveling with his family and now traveling as an adult to fulfill a heartfelt promise.

The story idea is great, to begin with, but the fantastic performances the actors give go beyond good writing and allow the audience to both share in this family’s story as well as reminisce about their own.

You could hear the comments at intermission and after the show, confirming that we have all heard or spoken so many of the lines in this play that you would think the writers harvested the memories of our childhoods and presented them to the public. Whether anyone in my family is willing to admit it, the go-carts and ice cream thing really happened just as it did in this show, and yes, I am still bitter.

Tickets are $ 10 per person and can be purchased at the door. Elida High School is located at 401 E. North Street in Elida. Friday and Saturday shows are at 7:30 pm and Sunday’s show is at 4 pm.

Jim Patton



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