Letter: Court ruling makes sense

Is solar and wind better than a natural gas combined-cycle power plant?

According to the Minnesota appeals court August 24 case A19-0688 and A19-0704, the three judges unanimously ruled the natural gas plant is better for the economy and the environment.

In a case brought by 4 environmental groups to stop the construction of a gas power plant, the appeals court ruled after hearing much testimony including expert testimony to the effect that wind and solar capacity does not always mean available energy because the wind is not always blowing and the sun is not always shining. The intermittent capacity of renewable resources reduces reliability and could increase reliance on energy markets, thereby increasing costs.

The court found that given the current relevant science and technology, generation of power by natural gas provides “a more reliable and lower cost (including environmental costs) source of energy than the equivalent renewable resources.”

The Minnesota appellate decision is a victory for common sense and for science instead of politics masquerading as science.

Lanny Boes

Hancock County


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