Letter: One person can make a difference

The Sunday, Oct. 31 article in The Lima News about the NAACP and its local chapter president, the Rev. Ronald Fails, distributing a pamphlet that instructs the community to view the police as their enemy, not their friends, was interesting.

This man professes to be a Reverend, a man of God, and yet he is willing to/help divide the community with hate and deception toward the same people (the police) that he himself would call if someone was to break into his

house and violate his family? The community would be better served if he would educate the point: If you commit a crime, no one made you do it, that decision to commit a crime was a self-decision, and in doing so there are ramifications for wrong doings.

It appears that the Lima area is growing their own Rev Al Sharpton who is always ready to jump on the same people that would be called to defend him if he was being violated? You never see Rev. Al going to schools or places of worship and preach that being unlawful in your actions will definitely have negative reactions.

Instead of being reactive, in lieu of proactive, Rev Fails could show his community that he can make a difference in the outcome of many teenagers connection with police.

So please, Rev. Fails, become the man you profess to be, a man of God. Show the young people that you actually care, show them how to prevent negative encounters with the law.

Edward Klaus


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