Letter: An honest, hard look at Lima

Concerning Cenovus, some questions:

Commissioner Seibert commented that “there is no county that is not struggling to maintain a work force.” Can the union guarantee 100% that there will be qualified people to do this job? (No!) Why hasn’t The Lima News written about the concerns of the refinery? They have a required job to do and a short time to do it. They have contracted with a company that does this work at refineries all over the country. They come in and start right away. Their people are trained in operations and safety. Common sense business procedures 101.

It is a shame the city government has turned this into a political football. Why cannot they just tell the facts on both sides? It’s because it’s election time and they don’t want to upset the unions. The community is not losing money by bringing in “outsiders.” The people coming in will spend more on rentals, restaurants, pizza places, fast-food places, gas stations, carryouts, drugstores etc. … The city and county will collect sales tax, payroll tax and gas tax. Who is not making money? The union. The replacement workers do not pay union dues.

Also, why did Bart Mills and his group try so hard to keep Elizabeth Hardesty off the ballot? Why was the mayor of Cincinnati getting involved? It was Democrats looking out for Democrats. A safety service director would be more important in fighting crime than a mayor’s assistant.

Tarry Maneer,



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