Letter: ‘Fair share’ is just that

I read with interest the letter by Tom Von Sossan. I was never very good in math, learned the old-fashioned way, but if you take 10% of 100, you just add a zero. I think there is no fair share unless we use this formula.

If I were ever so lucky to earn a billion dollars a year, and I’m not sure how many zeros that would be, I would be glad to pay my fair share of taxes on that amount. That is what is meant by “fair share.” It would be different for each of us. I do understand the loop holes etc. that Tom was talking about. I guess the bottom line is, if the politician is against taxing the wealthy corporations and billionaires, look at how rich he is. The wealthy corporations and billionaires are paying the politician to make all these laws that is how the politicians retire as millionaires or better themselves. Maybe you should check to see what their worth is before voting for them, especially if you are middle class like myself.

Have you ever been audited? I have. There are no excuses. You show up and prove that you paid your 10%. Only the small class have to follow the rules. We will eventually not have to elect a president, we can just let Amazon and the billionaires step forward and tell us what to do. Eliminate the politician. Some of this is tongue in cheek, but so true.

Sharon Horstman

Fort Jennings


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