Letter: Sharetta Smith earns my vote

I have had multiple occasions to work with Sharetta Smith while on City Council. I am continuously impressed by her professionalism, studiousness, and willingness to take bold steps. Particularly, with the work that she began with the housing task force.

Sharetta assembled a diverse group of stakeholders including residents, housing developers and investors, legislators, and social service agencies. She has also provided quality resources and presenters for our monthly meetings. Her continued leadership will allow for significant progress in reducing blight and improving housing quantity and quality.

This past summer she attended our neighborhood association meeting. One neighbor discussed wanting to read to kids who don’t have easy access to books or the library. Ms. Smith immediately got to work planning the Summer Reading in the Parks program with us. She attended weekly meetings, handled all administrative aspects, and even came to read to the children. Lima is not all the ways we have decided to divide ourselves, but a complete, living whole. She knows that each resident is important, and we must all work together to be successful.

Sharetta learned about city administration from one of the hardest working and nationally respected mayors Ohio has. She will take that knowledge and compliment it with her unique educational, work, and life experiences. I need more than a vague promise of change. I want someone who demonstrates that working hard creates success, volunteering is vital to communities, and being a leader means being a servant. Ms. Smith has demonstrated a love and commitment to Lima that we all should have, and she has my vote.

Carla Thompson

Ward 3 City Council



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