Letter: Smith hasn’t shown us much

Mayor Berger’s support of Sheretta Smith is misplaced.

What did Smith or Berger do to generate 2,200 jobs in Kalida, Ottoville, Ottawa, Wapakoneta, Columbus Grove and so on?

The mayor talks about the changes to downtown. These changes will continue regardless of who is Mayor. (They have only just begun because it is an election year).

Concerning claims the crime rate is going down. In what time frame, last week? Just last year, and years prior, Lima’s crime rate is twice the national average. According to Smith, there is no crime problem in Lima.That’s why she is not supported by any of the FOP.

Her claims of doing contracts with Fortune 500 companies is not a big deal and easily learned. I do it.

The mayor and Ms. Smith’s idea of heading a search for the high paying technology position is laughable. She pushed to fill that position with a very close friend. Her choice was not qualified.

The mayor says she is trained. She has nearly four years on the job training and working in the administration. She has nothing to show for improvement in more than 1,000 dilapidated houses in the city, empty buildings, gun shots heard during the night, spent slugs found in the middle of the street, plenty of of available jobs but a high unemployment rate, a declining city population and tax base.

It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what Lima needs. Lima needs a change in the office of mayor. Do not vote the status quo. Lets go with some transparency. Vote for Elizabeth Hardesty.

Robert DeVita



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