Letter: We’ve seen what happens under Democrat mayors

Regardless of your politics, and whether or not you live in the city, the upcoming Lima mayoral election is very important. What happens in Lima has significant socioeconomic impact on all of Allen County. I can’t vote for mayor, but I did spend half my life living in, and a third of it working for, the city.

The mayoral election is supposed to be non-partisan. I worked for the city through the tenure of five mayors, and very few people had any idea of the political leanings of those mayors. Suddenly, the election has become partisan, with one candidate openly proclaiming to be a democrat.

The mayor for the last 30 years is a democrat. He managed to conceal it well until he announced that he would not run for re-election. Then, he suddenly started endorsing liberal causes and Joe Biden’s candidacy for president.

My question to those who can vote in this election is: Do you really want a liberal democrat running the city in light of what has been happening in cities throughout the nation that have democrat mayors? These are the cities where rioters are not arrested, criminals are not prosecuted, and the police are not only not supported, they are vilified and defunded.

All kinds of allegations have been made about both candidates, most of them irrelevant to their capability. Do you want a continuation of the last 30 years, with the city bleeding residents to the suburbs, or do you want a city that is vibrant and attracts new residents? The real question is, do you want more of the same, or new, sensible, conservative leadership?

Vote Hardesty for Mayor.

Don Stratton



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