Letter: Hardesty brings a needed change

This election is the most important election Lima has had in 30 years. Lima is going to get a new mayor; we need to make sure the job can be done without baggage. This is a non-partisan race so make sure the vote you cast will be for a mayor that can handle our finances, not someone who has had problems paying their own bills.

What Lima needs is a new face to look at our current way of doing business and make the needed change for our city to grow. Not someone who is intrenched in the good old boy network that’s been going on for some time. Someone with integrity that can work with all our local business leaders, not someone who is being told what needs to be done.

Look around at our surrounding counties. See where all the businesses are moving to. Ask yourself why this is happening. We have billions of gallons of water to sell to any business that needs it, but they still don’t come. Water is going to be a commodity that Lima has plenty to sell at great prices.

Therefore, I am endorsing Elizabeth Hardesty for our new mayor. Someone that has integrity and can pay her bills and does. Not someone who has trouble paying. This is a person I can trust to handle our $38 million budget and make our city grow. Let’s start with changing the way we do business.

Vote on November 2nd for Elizabeth Hardesty.

Sam McLean



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