Letter: Case doesn’t add up

I recently finished reading “The Strange Case of Dr. Wine” which tells the story of a really unusual court case in Auglaize County. Dr. Doug Wine, an optometrist and model citizen, was accused of rape by his 70-year-old mother-in-law. She claims that during the rape she screamed hysterically. However, none of the other six people in the house heard her. Adding to the absurdity of her story is the fact that she waited a full calendar year before reporting the incident to anyone.

How this ridiculous story led to a highly questionable conviction is the subject of this book. I would urge you to to get a copy and read for yourself how the Auglaize County Sheriff’s Department, the prosecutor and the judge, with the use of a faulty polygraph, managed to mislead a jury into a conviction. It seems that no one had an interest in seeing justice served.

I have never met Doug Wine, but I went to school for 12 years with the author, Brice Brenneman. I want to commend my Gomer/Elida classmate for putting in the effort to bring this injustice to light. Read the book and decide for yourself. Was justice served? Join in the effort to get justice for Dr. Wine. At the very least he deserves a new trial and the opportunity to regain his reputation.

Cynthia Spragg



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