Letter: The positive choice for mayor

Why do some people in Lima need to be like some politicians in Columbus and Washington? It seems they only care about being right. It seems they only care about getting votes. It seems they only care about themselves.

I left Canada 52 years ago and had the privilege of playing hockey with the Lima Chargers where people showed their love for the team by coming out and supporting us every week. It didn’t matter what color our skin was, what God we believed in, or who we chose to love. For a few hours every weekend we played “side by side” and people enjoyed the game “side by side.”

I fell in love with Lima and decided to settle down, raise my family, and make Lima my home. For many years I worked in downtown Lima at the Varsity Shop. I was fortunate to make lots of friends with a variety of people. In those days, people were more positive, more accepting, more empathetic.

Now I ask you, “What is wrong with the city of Lima?”

I believe there is nothing that can’t be fixed, but it will take more than a few people, all with hope, vision, and a positive attitude.

It will take understanding, compromise, and cooperation from everyone: Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.

It will take understanding, compromise, and cooperation from everyone: wealthy and those struggling to make ends meet.

It will take working together instead of against each other.

It will take an open mind and the willingness to listen, first to learn, and then to speak.

We have two individuals running for the new mayor of our great city of Lima. I believe one campaign has been rooted in positivity with a vision that respects the past and has hope for the future. I personally cannot justify having someone run the city whose campaign has been rooted in negativity and blame.

I believe the majority of our residents have seen the positive changes and feel the great momentum that has been building. I have always lived my life with only positivity on both of my shoulders. Those of you that carry negativity around, try brushing it off. You might just be surprised at all the amazing things happening in our great city. Thank you Lima for giving me a city I am proud to call home.

Michael Chartrand



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