Letter: Lima Schools worth your support

As a proud graduate of Lima City Schools, I am supporting the district’s renewal levy. Our children are graduates and now our grandchildren are attending. We all have benefited from the diversity and many opportunities Lima City schools afforded us. Our granddaughter was recently accepted into the Gifted program and loves it!

I have admired and appreciated the many opportunities LCS has for students. The district accepts students regardless of their socioeconomic background or ability. Curriculum in various vocations/trades, arts, college credits, DECA and much more are available. Our daughter was enrolled in the Culinary Arts program.

My appreciation and love of Lima City Schools have led to my involvement with the schools over the years. I know firsthand the hard work and diligence spent helping students excel academically and in life. I appreciate the school’s desire to provide a world-class education to all who attend and work hard.

The renewal of this levy will help provide updated technology and staffing to continue the rich tradition of graduating top students. Levy dollars will also be used for buses, supplies and building maintenance.

If you have never visited Lima Senior High School, especially, I challenge you to do so. You will be amazed at the building, the great upkeep, and a true showcase of opportunities galore for all students.

Please join me in voting for this five-year combined levy for operations and permanent improvement. Remember, this is a renewal and NO new money. Let’s invest in our students and their future!

C. Ann Miles



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