Letter: Hold Hardesty accountable for Lima taxes

I was party to a lawsuit challenging the residency of Elizabeth Hardesty, candidate for Lima mayor. My challenge stemmed from Ms. Hardesty’s response to a simple question I asked her on social media. Reviewing her work history, I was curious why all of her jobs were in either Texas or Pennsylvania. I simply inquired why none of her work or volunteer activities occured in Lima. Instead of answering me, a Lima resident and voter, she blocked me on Facebook and Messenger.

Hardesty wants Lima residents to believe that she is a life-long resident of Lima. If that is truly the case, why, according to a court document filed in May (Adm. 210524) did she and her attorney admit that she had not filed or paid Lima City Income Taxes for 2018, 2019 and filed an extension for 2020. I am sure as a geologist in Texas, she earned an income and as a Lima resident she would have had to pay Lima City taxes on that income even though working in Texas. The woman wants to be Lima’s CEO yet she had paid none. Who will hold her accountable?

Why should voters trust her if she doesn’t fulfill tax filing obligations? Why didn’t she file in those tax years as required? The media had no problem airing the other mayoral candidate’s past financial issues. Treat both candidates with the same scrutiny or stop claiming to be a news organization.

Hold Hardesty accountable. She owes an explanation to Lima voters along with back taxes. Hard working citizens pay their Lima taxes. It is not right that Hardesty did not.

Alice Donahue



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