Try wearingbig-boy pants

It’s getting a little more than just plain intolerable listening to conservatives and the Republican Party whine like a group of spoiled children when someone who isn’t part of their clique makes tough decisions. These are the same people who used to love their leaders showing a “strict father figure” and “take charge” attitude. But when that attitude is expressed by a progressive leader, these so-called brave souls throw a temper tantrum and hissy fit the likes of which would embarrass children.

The current president makes the tough decision to stop a 20-year war and the conservatives lose their minds. The current president puts vaccine mandates/testing on businesses, federal employees and the contractors that do business with the government and these people beat their chest and clutch their pearls in such phony Scarlet O’Hara fashion one would swear an Oscar nomination was imminent.

All of these antics prove one thing. Their allegiance to the former president and his misguided idea of “personal freedoms” has been grasped like it’s their childhood teddy bear. But the point these people are missing is that along with having personal freedom comes an obligation for the common good of the community. Vaccine mandates have been around for decades and no one has the self-centered right to put other people at risk of a serious illness when there is a safe solution for reducing the risk of spreading a very contagious, and deadly, virus. Take your shots like the grown men and women you pretend to be.

Larry Donaldson


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