Letter: Still steaming over evacuation

Anyone with half a brain would have known that the way to evacuate our troops from Afghanistan would be: American embassy and other Americans first — Afghanistan friendlies and helpers second —usable equipment third —THEN American troops.

But, as Michael Reagan says — Biden did it all bass-ackwards. Even though Biden’s two top Generals advised him to leave 2,500 troops there to protect the evacuation, Biden decided not to listen to the experts. Then, when asked by Geraldo Rivera if he had been advised by his Generals to retain troops, he blatantly lied and said “Not that I recall”.

Now, we have 13 of our brave soldiers dead — many more wounded — and the Taliban using our own usable equipment, guns, and ammo against us and the Afghan people.

Plus, other world leaders look at him as a joke — or worse, a pawn of China.

Biden is obviously in some stage of dementia. When the hell are our leaders (including Jill) going to wake up and do something about him Hope I haven’t offended anybody — but I’m just angry at this mess, and all the others, he has created.

Al Killeen



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