Letter: Something to chew on

In response to the letter by Mr. Wildermuth which appeared in The Lima News on Sunday, Sept. 19, I take this opportunity to pass on information which may be of interest. While corn is indeed used in the manufacturing of ethonol, our farmers rotate crops. The land is employed in the production of a vast multitude of other grains and vegetables which feed an ever growing population. To produce only corn would soon depleate the land of necessary nutrients, and the reason rotation of crops is a vital necessary for a heathy, robust yield. Now I suppose during the year of the corn, panels could be constructed, however, during the year of the bean and wheat they could be removed. Seems like a lot of trouble and expense to me.

Now Michael is correct in one respect in that it takes more energy to produce ethonal than the resulted energy produced. It does require fertilizers and pesticides as do all crops to produce any healthy yield. The farmers of today are an informed and educated group, using the minumum amount to produce maximum result of any additive applied to the soil. They realize that to overapply would not result in greater yield but greater expense. Solar panels do require the use of highly hazardous materials during construction and the disposal in landfills would create leaching of highly toxic waste into the soil.

Additionally, the deconstruction of the panel after usefulness makes the recoup of toxic elements much more costly than profits realized. It’s not the purpose of any entity, except our governmen to waste money.

Leslie J. Kubinski



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