Letter: Addressing quality of life issues my foot

I read in The Lima News on July 1 about the Lima Police Department addressing “quality-of-life” issues such as loud cars and loud musice.

I have lived in the 300 block of West Grand Avenue since August of 2016. I started looking into the problem of cars driving up and down West Grand Avenue banging music in May of 2017.

It continues to be a problem.

Almost every night it is impossible to get to bed before midnight. I have emailed Chief Martin and Mayor Berger 10 to 15 times and no response. The police department’s Major Holman has responded a couple of times, but has since quit answering my emails.

I have filled out a report on the police website over 180 times, and no response. I heard a sound bite on the Todd Walker radio show from the chief and he said the public would be kept up to date on this issue. It has been over 3 months and I have not heard an update.

I have asked in emails and nobody will respond. I have yet to see one person pulled over in the 300 block of West Grand Avenue or anywhere on the street. I am just looking for a response or an update on what is going on. In the winter time it is a little better because the windows on the cars will be up. But once the weather breaks and the windows come back down it starts all over again.

You have to live in it to truly understand how bad it is. I just hope the new mayor sees that it is issue not only on West Grand Avenue but in Lima. And I hope they have the decency to respond to an email. I hope other people will email the chief and the mayor on this problem. There is a city noise ordinance and in my opinion it has not be enforced for a long time.

Jason Clum


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