Letter: I’ll take experience over a rookie

I’ve just read Elizabeth Hardesty’s resume online, looking for any evidence of governmental experience, political appointment, etc.

What I found was Field Commander for the school marching band and a hardhat shot from an oil rig. She has broad geological expertise and travel experience in her industry. But experience as a mayor? A member of City Council? Holding any position that requires governing a large, diverse city such as Lima?



With so much on the line for Lima’s future, why make the rookie mistake of hiring a political novice for the highest office in the city?

Would you trust a skilled mechanic with your financial portfolio? A highly-trained professor of chemistry with your mortgage plans? A newly-minted orchestra conductor with rebuilding your neighborhood?


I see no correlation in Hardesty’s professional life that would inspire me to trust her with Lima’s future. Sure, I’m all for giving people a chance to try out a new job, but do we really want someone who will be learning almost everything while on the job? Possibly at our expense? Hardly.

The choice is not hard. I trust experience. I trust firsthand knowledge. I trust readiness. That’s how most of us got our jobs, and that’s why my vote goes to Sharetta Smith.

Sue Smith



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