Letter: A changed mind about Lima schools

I never attended the Lima City Schools, but I received an education from our city’s school system nonetheless.

Like many who grow up outside the city, I bought into the popular local narrative that the city schools were subpar. It wasn’t until our own children were school aged that we did the work of actually researching the facts, visiting the schools, and talking to parents whose children attended Lima City Schools.

What we found were passionate teachers, a “family” atmosphere, rigorous curriculum, a culture of welcoming diversity, and parents who absolutely raved about the education their children were getting.

We were sold.

Now, years later, we have lived the experience ourselves and we are those parents raving about our kids’ schools. I got my education about Lima City Schools only because others were willing to share facts and personal stories that did not fit the preconceived notions I had in my mind. When you go to the polls in the coming weeks and see a renewal levy on the ballot for Lima City Schools, I hope you will already have plenty of reasons to vote for continued support of our kids, our teachers, and our schools. But if not, I hope you will remember our story.

This levy is not asking for any new money; it is simply a vote to reaffirm our continued local support for the notion that the great American experiment of providing free, quality education to every child regardless of race, family wealth, or neighborhood, is a worthwhile ideal. My family thinks.

Grant M Sullivan



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