Letter: music defines exactly who you are.

While writing the many letters to The Lima News in my quest for the need for all people to be served by the local radio media, I have listened to arguments to the contrary.

One person simply stated, “Who cares?” They said people don’t listen to local radio anymore, which may be true, but it is the message that is being sent to the minority community when you value the needs and wants of everyone in programming except people of color. Another person argued that other ethnicities aren’t being servedl so why should we focus on people of color?

What they fail to understand is that they do serve people with German heritages or French or Italian heritages when rock or country targets specific audiences. Who do you think makes up those audiences? No one should search the darkness for a piece of who they are because everyone should possess the feeling of belonging, and music defines exactly who you are. You can be a person young in years but if you believe in the ideals of the past then you are living with an antiquated ideology. You can be a person of great wealth, but if you do not believe in the humanity of each individual, then you are just another person living with a poverty stricken heart.

Radio provides a service to any local market, refusing to serve a segment of our American society is a thing of another era and when I think of restaurants in 1950, it seems like we’ve been here before. When you give a pass to the “seemingly” smaller injustices, all that you have succeeded in doing is set up the parameters for the greater injustices. People of color spend their dollars with businesses that buy advertising from those media outlets, their programming should reflect that as well.

Charles Thomas



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