Letter: Solar farm in Hancock County

As we move away from fossils fuels with totally wind and solar, the question to ask is, will putting all of our beautiful countryside into solar and wind farms be healthy for the environment? Building this infrastructure will require the use of quite a bit of land being destroyed to build these not so green facilities.

Each windmill and solar panel installation requires a huge amount of below surface work to make sure they stay in place when the wind blows. Not only is the land taken from above, but it is also destroyed below the surface. Instead we have lots of roof surfaces where solar panels could be installed on homes and the same with windpower. Space based Solar Power (SBSP) is another good option. However, this method takes away money from companies that the government chooses as winners and keeps us divided so government wins.

Using wind, solar, water, oil, electric, plants such as beans, corn, (think corn furnace) and coal are all sustainable and viable. All forms will be needed in the future to maintain an adequate supply of energy and food for all of our needs especially now with the illegals flooding in. Food prices will rise as farmland and production disappears. How can we maintain life if we do not use our land wisely? Who will volunteer to starve first?

Unfortunately, money talks so grants and big money are being used to induce the public into destroying land. If you are concerned about land use, see www.BorderBasin.com and attend this online May 13, meeting, about the 1356 acre solar farm in Cass Township of Hancock County. Will you be next?

Linda Bishop



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