Letter: Hardesty a bold choice

About 33 years ago, my father, Charles H. Hutchinson, a stauch Republican, Rotarian,conservative business and civic leader, made the bold surprising choice to support a little known Democrat, David Berger for mayor of Lima.

It was a shock that he and some of his golfing buddies, all GOP members, were crossing party lines to campaign for Dave Berger. Did they ever expect to see 32 great years with Mayor Berger? Unfortunately they all have passed away, but most lived long enough to be proud of their candidate.

Now as the baton is to be passed on to another generation, I can only imagine the distress they would have as the primary approaches. Three of the four candidates have made personal decisions that would bewilder these leaders of the past. Our forefathers would probably question why these potential mayors would want their skeletons let out of the closet for the voting public to see. Usually the bad behavior happens after a politician is elected, but not with these three!

If my father and his “cronies” were alive today they would be voting for the only choice they had, Elizabeth Hardesty. Elizabeth is that bold choice for us just as for my father and his friends back in 1989. She will bring the energy, the vision, the integrity and honesty which have appreciated in the past and propel our city into a future filled with optimism. She has my vote!

John Hutchinson



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