Letter: Smith can step in and lead

The city of Lima need new vision and revitalization. This vision requires someone with a “pulse” for and familiarity of our city. That person is Sharetta Smith. Her knowledge of the city (born and raised here), her experience working in city government, and her community involvement make her an excellent choice for our next mayor.

Sharetta has a proven track record for tenacity, determination, strength and a “no quit” attitude when it comes to setting goals and accomplishing them. This leadership trait is needed if Lima is to become the vibrant, growing city we all desire.

It has been said, “You cannot help someone, until you understand them.” Thorough understanding of community needs and concerns are paramount to leadership. Sharetta has proven she is willing to listen to citizens from all walks of life, regardless of zip code.

Sharetta’s experience is vital for Lima’s revitalization. A leader that will be transparent, accessible and accountable to the people, not a party.

As a city, we can prosper only if we all work together and stay focused on a common vision. Unity, not division, is the catalyst for Lima’s success and growth. Vote Sharetta Smith for Mayor May 4!

C. Ann Miles,



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