Letter: Swanson offers a plan for youth

I have a passion for the youth in this community. As a mother of four children that have grown up in Lima, I have been saddened by the lack of youth programs and activities here for our youth. Therefore, when speaking with Autumn, I enjoyed hearing her vision for growing youth activities in the Lima area.

Her vision is to create more robust programming for youth through the parks program, this will include increased sports programs, mentoring, and internships. The idea is to retain and get youth excited to be part of this community. She would also like to see them get interested in public service as well as building up our community as a whole. This will help show our youth that there is more to Lima than what they currently know and see now and hopefully get them to help create and join more activities outside of the school day.

Our youth are the future of this community and by showing them that Lima is a great place to work, volunteer, and live is what will help it succeed in the future. We need to show and teach them now what Lima as to offer this is a great way to help Lima grow and prosper for years to come.

This is why Autumn Swanson will have my vote!

Alexica Allen



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