Letter: Hayes is about unity, inclusion

I voted for Josh Hayes because he is the candidate that will bring about positive change and improvement for Lima. The first impression he gave me was someone who genuinely loves and respects others, and after two years working for him and getting to know him, that observation holds true. He is someone who holds space for people to heal and the first one to help those in need.He has a passion to show others how to live healthy and to improve quality of life for all the people in our community. He understands what families and small business owners need.

He is good at bringing out the best in people. By advocating for unity and inclusion’ he is going to be a positive influence for our city.

Lima will be a better city to live in when he is our mayor. He is dedicated about improving our city and he will listen to the needs of the people when he makes important decisions.

Our city will be rich in arts and community events. I’m honestly so excited about living in Lima when he is mayor. We have needed community enrichment and things to do for decades and it will come to fruition because every event that he has planned has been successful no matter what obstacle needed overcome.

Shaylie Sypherd



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