Letter: Cridersville at crossroads

I have lived in Cridersville for 67 years and enjoyed every day. It is a great small town. I had the honor to serve as its mayor during the 1990s.

Several months ago, our Mayor Rick Walls asked me and John Bayliff to help with the campaign for an increase in the local income tax to fund the police department. We suggested several focus groups to determine what questions our neighbors might have about a tax increase. These groups came up with 27 questions. The Mayor, village fiscal officer, and police chief provided the data needed to fully answer each question. A citizens committee was formed to help get that information to the public.

John and I are convinced of the need for additional funding. We learned about the $800,000 reduction of state funding to the village general fund over the past 10 years. As a former mayor, I know the general fund is the source of p0lice department funding. We reviewed the police staffing and budget. There is no waste and without more local funding serious cuts will be made. We will not be able to maintain full-time police coverage.

Cridersville is a prosperous and growing community — a good place to raise a family. We need to keep our full-time police department. We need it to protect our families and homes. The financial need is real. I am convinced the proposed half-percent increase in our local income is a fair way to meet this need. These funds can only be used for the police department.

I encourage our neighbors to vote yes for the Police Levy on May 4. Help us keep our police strong.

Greg Myers



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