Letter: Walking done elsewhere

In a world in which we search endlessly for answers and remedies to a chaotic world, we now find that local politicians are willing to introduce chaos locally in their endorsement of Lima mayoral candidates.

I am not writing as an endorsement of any candidate because I live outside the city boundaries which makes it impossible and illegal for me to cast a ballot. Doesn’t it seem strange that I cannot vote but a candidate residing outside those boundaries just like I do, has the temerity to run for the cities highest office? She professes to have a desire to improve the city but when you are unavailable to support the local grocer, the local auto dealer, the local schools, the local entertainment establishments, how then can you step forward and say that you want to make the city better.

When the rest of us buy local, we are supporting the city. To claim you are all in for the city now only places you as a person operating outside the margins of common decency because when those businesses are not supported, they suffer. You now find yourself yearning for votes , those businesses were yearning for your dollars but you were elsewhere. You cannot talk the talk until you walk the walk and unfortunately, you did your walking elsewhere.

Charles Thomas,



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